What type of map you would be more intrested in?

Which one is more worth?

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Hey guys....

currently im working on 2 types of maps and i wanna finish just one of them because its too much work too finish both at the same time...

so and i wanna ask you what map is it more worth to be finished...

here are short discriptions of the maps:

Mysterious Island:

There are 7 types of units on an departed island (Demon, Human, Necro, Bird, Plant, Beast, Amphibious). You start with a starter unit of one of these types and have to collect genes of another type to evolve. Every type has an advantage against one other type and also a disadvantage against one type. So for example Necro has 150% damage against Human but just 50% to Demon also it gets 150% damage from Demon and just 50% from Human. Winner is the one that evolves and collects 10 genes one all types and also min. 10 Hero-Genes (you get them from killling other Heroes). When you die you lose all usual genes you had and have to start again with a new random starter unit. All Creeps you kill have a chance to drop an item. When you evolve you can have different attack and defense types or one (each type has its own custom attack and defense type). Depends on the unit you get out of 3 random possible heroes you can get out of each combination (Necro/Demon, Human/Bird, Necro/Bird, Plant/Human, and so on).

Blood Moon ORPG:

If you ever played Twilight's Eve ORPG you know the basic idea of this map. For all others : Grind, level up and complete dungeon to become the strongest. Thats the deal in short terms :D
Items you just get if you complete dungeons or you buy them. You start with a Child and have to evolve to a Male and then you can choose a class and evolve the class 2 times. 50% custom triggered spells. More information i dont know^^ I dont know what you would like to know else ^^
so tell me which map is more worth to be finished?

and if you have questions just wirte them down xD

thanks in advance

greetz happy


well i honestly can't give a creditable choose to this one. i am also creating a map that was based on twilights eve orpg it has upgraded quite a bit tho. so that idea is always interesting to me but i really like the island idea it sounds like it would be intriguing as well. so my choose would be do which ever one you think you would have more fun doing.
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