What would you like to see tutorials about?

Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by THUNDERPOWER, May 23, 2010.



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    Was going to make a tutorial on making dialogs with images but feel this is a bit simple.
  2. Dan

    Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

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    there are quite a few fields in the data editor devoted to attachement points and effects... I would like to know how to attach units to other units etc. (pretty please)
  3. Ancanus

    Ancanus [ancanus@TheHelper.net]# _

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    Do attachments.

    BANANAMAN Resident Star Battle Expert.

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    by attach units you mean....

    Spine crawlers on top of an Ultralisk?
  5. Joker(Div)

    Joker(Div) Always Here..

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    Anything about the Data Editor.
  6. Dan

    Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

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    uhh... it's hard to say exactly what i want considering that I have no idea what all the fields are even for that deal with "attachment"... I'm sure there are a ton of things you can do with these fields... but I'm unsure of the possibilities at the moment.
  7. wingdnosring

    wingdnosring New Member

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    I think attachments would please alot of people. Myself, I'd like a rundown on beam weaponry (how the hell do you get beams to angle themselves appropriately?) or how to add death animations to units.
  8. jleips2600

    jleips2600 New Member

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    Data Editor is by far the category that needs the most care right now.
    Anything that is thorough and explains what EVERY field does (be it for abilities, units, actors, weapons, etc.) would be a huge asset, IMO.

    Props for putting forth the effort to see what people want on top of making a tutorial. :thup:
  9. Carnerox

    Carnerox The one and only.

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    Heroes. :(

    The ones I've seen didn't explain to much.


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  11. krainert

    krainert Member

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    I would like to see a compilation of tutorials serving as a complete introduction to Galaxy Editor covering the following:
    • Introduction to Galaxy Editor
    • Terrain editing - Basic (can be skipped by users familiar with World Editor)
    • Terrain editing - Advanced
    • Normal maps - Basics
    • Data editor - Basics (basic editing)
    • Data editor - Advanced (thorough changes to units)
    • Data editor - Examples (creating a hero and other common tasks)
    • Trigger editor - Basics (can be skipped by users familiar with World Editor)
    • Trigger editor - Advanced
    • Trigger editor - Galaxy
    • Examples of mechanics in classical custom maps
    • Examples of advanced concepts
    • Theory of level design - Normal maps (not technical)
    • Theory of level design - General and custom maps (not technical)

    I'd start working on it myself if Galaxy Editor hadn't lacked finish so badly, but in its current state I don't think I could stand exploring the possibilities of custom maps :)
  12. Dan

    Dan The New Helper.Net gives me great Anxiety... o.O;;

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    write a tutorial on everything please! XDXDXD
  13. Orphen_123

    Orphen_123 New Member

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    Data editor would be good.

    Creating your own unit
    How you can edit them
    What all the options do

    I tried making my own custom unit.
    Took forever to figure out how to make it so it had a model that could be seen ingame and not some invisible unit.

    After that I still couldn't give it and move commands.
    /raged a bit there.
  14. Oninuva

    Oninuva You can change this now in User CP.

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    Data Editor
  15. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    Are the tutorials going to be a basic overview like:

    X button does X in Y cases with Z restrictions etc etc.

    Or are they going to be more in-depth?

    I'm looking forward to possibly doing a full Galaxy Editor tutorial set.
  16. HG-Bonfire

    HG-Bonfire New Member

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    I would reeeeally like to see a rundown of the Actor Events. Those things are slightly ridiculous...
  17. rover2341

    rover2341 Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!

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    How To Set The Pitch/Yaw/Roll Of Unit in Code, How to change them over time using sliding triggers if needed.

    How To Make Custom Interfaces, And do differnt kinds of things with them. So Basics and more advanced ones.

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