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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Newbie12, Jul 6, 2017.

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    When you say something but don't *specifically* mention other details or all of details?

    For example:
    Say I'm trying to buy a computer and I say it MUST be the cheapest there is and go post this on a forum asking for others opinions. Then I get some replies back saying...

    Poster: "Oh get this computer, it's really cheap!"
    Me: "I've heard about them, they may be cheap but not very reliable."
    Poster: "Well you said you wanted cheap, you never said you wanted it to be reliable as well!"
    Me: "Well of course I want it to be reliable, how else will it last?!"
    Poster: "Well if that is so, why didn't you mention so? If you don't mention it, I assume all you want is cheap and nothing else/more"
    Me: "Well I thought it was common sense to be also trying to get something cheap AND reliable and hence there was no need to include said detail...."
    ... [and the argument goes on...]

    I had a similar experience(my experience was that he was trading away some stuff, and said he wanted this in return for this, and I offer him something else instead, and he goes did u not read? I want this. And I reply with well you didn't specifically mention you do NOT want other offers, and so I presumed it was ok to offer you something else.....and yeah it goes from there..) and someone actually posted a link to wikipedia(which explained it all - including a word/phrase that defines this exact *thing*...) but I forgot what it was called so I can't really google said word up for said wikipedia page nor I know where said post was anymore....probably deleted now..:(:confused:
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    implicit? imply?
  3. Newbie12

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    Hmmm, ...mmmm....no, that's not the word I'm after/looking for...though it does define this... I think it must have been a phrase then....I remember reading that the origins was from Greek.....there was picture of something to the right(I can't remember what the pictures was of, or about but I do remember seeing an illustration of sorts on the right of something...) and like a wall of text on wikipedia....but damn if I only I can find that page again! :D
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    omission? also don't rely on common sense, be as explicit as possible (especially for buisness transactions, i.e. buying a laptop, and also when talking with someone who you don't know, i.e. a freind who knows your habbits and understand what you mean even if you don't say it)
  5. Newbie12

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    Hmmm....keep going...

    Well yes, you should be as explicit as possible, but some sellers/traders just assume you already know this stuff.....:confused:

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