Why does warcraft load maps like this?


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when im playing a map and its at the loading screen
it gets to a point, id say about 20% of the loading bar. then stops for alittle, then finishes kinda quick.
but this happens for like every map
and i always thought it had something to do with me being the host, because for some maps the loading stops, but when it shows everyone is done loading or most, then it finishes
this also happens when im not the host
is this normal? o_O
It's normal. That's the point where the map's main function is called (i.e. map initialization event).
well while we are on the loading subject; what could i do to make maps load faster when im playing? not like on world edit i mean to my computer, like get more ram?
Usually more RAM or a faster processer will do it for you.
Also make sure that you don't have any processes running that you don't need that eat up your computer's resources. You can edit what programs start when you turn your computer on by typing msconfig in the search bar (Vista) or Run bar (XP) and then going to the startup tab.
i replaced one of my 512 mb ram chips with my sisters 1 gb chip so i have like 1.5 gb. the difference is noticeable XD
Make sure your running Performance power options too.

I had like 10 seconds load time , then I turned off EIST and it went down 5 seconds. Which is a big difference. Turns out the dual cores were running 1.9GHZ instead of 3.33
i dont think i have intel ><
is there any tweaks i can do to my computer to increase preformance?
i have vista btw
Windows XP uses less processing power and RAM to run.
Eg: Better.
i know, but i dont have a xp disc
and they are expensive arent they?
plus isnt microsoft going to not make updates for xp anymore soon? thats what my computer class teacher said i think ><
MS stopped supporting XP, doesn't mean it doesn't pwn.
Get CCleaner, it helps speed up your system by clearing out the useless tempoary files and a variety of other things.
i have 1.5 gb of ram, but im gona try to get 2 gb.
and idk but i read somewhere i think, that vista is just a piece of crap and ms has someting better that isnt being sold yet or something? XD
Im using Vista. Everything is fine once you turn off the stuff. The only thing I cant get right is my mic stopped working.
im thinking of downgrading now.
and i was chatting with an hp technician
and he said that downgrading isnt reccomended and could cause problems
what would you guys do?

oh btw i have 1.5 gb of ram, but my laptop can only support 2 gb so adding .5 gb of ram wouldnt really help i think
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