Why so expensive?

Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by griff3125, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. griff3125

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    Just curious, why are Nuon games and controllers so expensive?
    The prices seem to have skyrocketed over the past year or so.
    Currently there is an unopened Iron Soldier 3 on eBay for $1500!
    Controllers seem to sell for an average of $250.
    The going rate for Tempest always seems to be $80-$90
    While the systems themselves seem fairly cheap, $50-100.

    What's the deal? Did the Nuon become a cult sensation or something?
    I mean there were people here giving away Nuon stuff and boxes of controllers
    years back, now it's all going for insane prices, what happened?
  2. barnito

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    Tempest does this to people.... oh and Iron soldier 3
  3. Beefman

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    There is just a huge boom in collecting retro, rare, and obscure videogame hardware. Partly fueled by the boom in retro related Youtubers.

    That and Tempest!
  4. coleshores

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    Iron Soldier 3 was recalled within a couple of weeks of it's release and that is very likely the only unopened copy of it.
    $1000+ sounds about right, it's definitely in NeoGeo territory in terms of rarity & collectability. It deserves to end up in a millionaire's private museum.
    It wouldn't surprise me if Tempest 3000 eventually hits stratospheric levels as well since it is this system's killer app that was never ported to anywhere else.

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