US News Wild dogs overrun parts of Detroit

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Detroit is sounding more like a post-apocalyptic landscape from the Book of Eli with its dwindling population and dearth of civilized amenities like functional plumbing and law enforcement. Now the once-bustling manufacturing hub teems with packs of wild dogs.

Bloomberg reports the city’s postal workers now arm themselves with pepper spray. Some have stopped delivering to certain neighborhoods altogether to avoid packs of vicious once-domesticated Chihuahuas. Twenty-five mail workers suffered dog bites between October and July, the same month the pound stopped accepting canines.

One officer on the police department’s skeletal animal control staff says he found a pack of dogs splashing away in a basement flooded with water after thieves ripped the pipes out.

“The dogs were having a pool party,” Lapez Moore, 30, tells Bloomberg. “We went in and fished them out.”

Read the whole story here:
Yeah, I got a kick out of that, too. Don't they enjoy kicking them away? I know I sure would.
At least there are not teams of citizens out there hunting them down like they are in Russia. Wait until they put a bounty them. It gets cold in Detroit in the winter though. Gonna be lots of pupsicles.
Anyway... At least there's some "Kind-hearted people" out there.
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