Technology Winamp 5.8 Media Player Released in All Its Nostalgic Glory

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    Back in the days before we got our music from the cloud using Spotify and Pandora, we would use MP3 players to play our music. When it came to players, there was (is?) no player more popular than Winamp.

    Whether you like the vintage skins, the visualizers, or just a media player with a ton of options, Winamp had it all. Guess what? The world's most famous media player - Winamp - is back with changes that make it compatible with today's modern operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

    When Radionomy purchased Winamp from AOL in early 2014, they promised to keep Winamp alive. Those promises were hollow as no new updates were released in the past 4 years.

    That is until recently through leaks and hype, Radionomy officially released Winamp 5.8 in all its nostalgic glory. With its expanding control panels, car stereo like skins, hard core settings, and its visualizers that you can stare at for hours, Winamp is ready to rock and roll!

    Read more here. (BleepingComputer)
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    Oh yeah Winamp!

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