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Just installed my Customer Preview of Windows 8, gotta say it's really nice to see how they managed it. Here are some SS that I took . If you know the Windows Phone 7 Interface you will be comfortable using this.



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Is Windows 8 more user friendly than previous versions of Windows?


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I have only read about windows 8 and not used it myself, but from what i have read i was pretty disappointed how they want to force your home computer to become like tablet in terms of look and feel.
I certainly dont want it.


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im sure you can change it to look like previous versions of windows.. they aren't forcing you, they are giving you an option
Actually you HAVE to start up in Metro mode (tile mode) and shut off in Metro. It's quite annoying.

The only difference is that it basically starts up faster by around 20~ seconds more and also uses a bit less resources (CPU/RAM)


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Why no start button?
For Windows 8, Microsoft is replacing the Start button and Start menu with a Start screen based on the Windows Phone 7 Metro interface. Microsoft made this change because the Metro interface is very touch-friendly, and Windows 8 is going to appear on touch-screen tablets. Unfortunately, it isn't as friendly for people using a keyboard and mouse. It's not likely Microsoft will bring back the Start button. Fortunately, other companies are doing it for them. Longtime Windows customizer Stardock has released Start8. This free tweak re-adds the Start button and makes the Start screen more mouse friendly.


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I tried the Windows 8 developer preview in a VM and I absolutely detest it. I would take Vista over 8 any day.


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so they going to forget about the millions of people using the normal start button and force us to use a touch friendly button... dont even have the decency to add the customization ability...

i also really dislike this whole touch interface on my desktop, so is there no way to permanently turn off this interface?
Not at the moment. You always have to go into Metro to shutdown because there is no start button. Also, you have to return to Metro frequently.


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I tried the Windows 8 developer preview in a VM and I absolutely detest it. I would take Vista over 8 any day.
I'm in the same position as Ghan. I tried Windows 8 and there is no way I'm switching from Windows 7 (which I have no problem with). I will just wait and buy the next computer where Microsoft remember that most people use a mouse and keyboard.


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I'm good with Windows 7, it's never given me any problems. I use the side snap feature all the time.


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aren't you on a mac system anyways?
Yep. But I dual boot Windows 7 for gaming, which it's great for... but I've no reason to upgrade to 8 and I think it sucks wildly.

I'm hoping to upgrade to the next model when I can afford it... should see a 7970M 2GB in the high end 27 inch model. The 7970M is an underclocked desktop 7870, and the 7870 happens to perform on par with a GTX 580. Which is pretty awesome period, yet alone in an all-in-one.


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How simple can it get? I started using windows 95 around the age of 6 and have never had any problems using any of Window's OSs since
Agree, i dont know what peoples problems with windows are anyways. I use it since i have my own pc, started with 95, then 98, then XP and now 7 and i never had any major problems with it. I am very satisfied.
But i know from first hand that vista was pretty bad.
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