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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jindo, Jan 14, 2009.

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    that, is, awesome. i love the animations! he looks cooler ingame then on ur avatar (no offense).

    i srsly cant wait for this to get finished.
    one thing i noticed though, if you double jump and move at the same time, he loses his jump animation once u press jump again for the double jump. i dk if its on purpose or not but it seems a bit off so im guessing it isnt
  2. Jindo

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    This glitch happens when you go up-hill, I'll try to fix it.

    I drew them both so none taken ;P.

    It's because I haven't made/assigned an animation to the double-jump or fall move, right now I've got a frozen pose of Winky jumping, I plan to animate that and have an animation for the double jump, and for falling ;P.

    Thanks for testing!
  3. Jindo

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    General Level Design Ideas

    So I've got a storyline, some bosses, and most of the worlds planned out, each world will have their own unique layouts for the levels, ensuring that each world will have a very different game-play, whilst retaining the arcade, side-scroller concept.

    General: Each level will have a start and an exit going from left-to-right, some Worlds will contain a boss at the end of a level, when the boss is defeated, you automatically end the level and advance. Each world consists of a level set in the Day-time, and a level set at Night-time.

    Jungle: The Jungle World is aiming to be small and cramped, with several alternate routes all leading to the same exit. Jazz Hands is waiting at a toad-made stage at the end of JungleNight.

    Beach: Almost completely linear, with an added challenge: Touching the sand will hurt you, you must keep off the sand. Only one route leading to the exit, with doorways leading to caves and caverns.

    The caves will consist of rock and water, no sand, and will usually be very small, and maybe involve a puzzle where solving it will grant you an extra life/weapon.

    Rocks become less and less frequent as you progress, and eventually you will encounter the next boss, an un-named fielding Mutated Lobster, who waits at the deck at the end of BeachNight.

    Unplanned World: I plan to add some levels between the Beach and the City world.

    City: Very large open-areas, advised by Human signs to keep off the ground (Mutant Rhinos will occasionally run across the roads), the City will be filled with Human contraptions to either help or get in your way, some will work and some will be broken.

    At the end of CityNight, you will face a Giant Mighty Mutant Gopher.

    Lab: Semi-linear levels filled with mechanic obstacles and floors that shouldn't be touched. The boss for this level has not been planned out yet either, but it will most likely be an animal in a flying vehicle of some kind, with explosions and stuff.

    At this point, you end up at some very different places, the lab uses a teleporter which takes you to different setups in the Antartic and the Desert, once you take these out you advance to "Hell".

    Antartic: ArcticDay is set in a relatively bland, linear level, made difficult by the increasingly annoying enemies that you encounter.

    ArcticNight is set in a series of caves filled with giant rolling snowballs, icicles, and other inanimate obstacles. Penguins will also attack you. There may be a Penguin boss at the end of this world, but again I'm not entirely sure.

    Desert: The Desert will follow a similar style to the ArcticNight, but it will feature more structures (such as Pyramids and Statues), making it less linear. It will also be bigger overall. No boss has been planned for this world.

    Barrens: Set outside the Volcano entitled "Hell", Barrens is a climb up increasingly larger rocks and cliffs, avoiding lava, falling rocks, rolling rocks, and enemies.

    At the end of BarrensNight, you meet Dr. Toad, Gatekeeper of Hell, and uncertified Doctor.

    Hell: Very large set of levels, the enemies will be difficult (as in, they'll still be relatively easier to kill, but you could lose lives easily), the jumps will also be trickier than the start too, double-jump will become a minimum requirement of survival.

    At the end of HellNight, you will encounter the final boss, I haven't got a final design yet, and I might hold on to it for a while when I do :3.


    After defeating the final boss, you will be rewarded with a cut-scene, and the TPG Store* will allow you access to purchase the extra episodes (Christmas and other Holiday Packs excluded).

    * - For those who don't know, I'm going to start implementing a system in my games where you earn points from achievements, and use those points to purchase extra addons for my games.
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    Sounds awesome. :) I like the City level the best, and of course, Hell. ;)

    A question that doesn't really matter, but: why does the sand hurt you? Just confused, sorry. :D Maybe make it like quick-sand, O_O, although that would be the jungle I guess...

    What kind of achievements will there be?

    Good job. Can't wait for this! :thup:

  5. Jindo

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    Hell will be my favourite to make for sure, but I'll try to make City as fun-filled and challenging as I can ;P.

    Radioactive Sand, there's a massive warning sign planted into the ground at the beginning of the level warning you to stay off, it's just to add a challenge.

    Since I haven't got much done, I can't say for sure what the achievements will be, but generally:

    Complete This Episode
    Kill X Of That Enemy
    Beat This Boss In a Special Way
    Complete Beach/City Without Touching Ground
    Complete Episode Without Losing A Life
    Complete Episode Without Losing Any Health
    Earn A Score of X in Level
    Earn A Score of X Overall
    Ignite X Enemies
    Blow X Enemies Off Of a Cliff
    Freeze X Enemies
    Find X Bonus Items

    I'm trying to stay away from the usual obvious achievements (some of which are listed there), there will be some much more specific achievements when the game is completed, and there will probably be 50 minimum.
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    Small update to the first page, showing all existing boss designs, they're also now in order of where they appear in the game.
  7. Jindo

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    Another small update that adds quite a bit to the game:

    • Lives added.
    • Health added.
    • Space instead of Enter to choose menu items.
    • Winky's death animation added.
    • Death screen added (Space to continue).
    • Cave area added.

    Check it out!

    To test the death system: Stand in the spike pit.

    Comments appreciated, as always.
  8. Romek

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    The lives and the health keep moving around. It's most noticable when you jump.
    It doesn't look like it's meant to do that.

    The game looks like it's coming along really well though. :D
  9. Jindo

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    They're meant to be fixed, but so is the background, it's the frame-rate, but I can't make it higher or the animations will go too quickly ;O.

    For now, it's intentional to an extent :).

    Also forgot to mention that when you get to the spike-pit, if you turn right and make your way to the cave entrance, it works now (You press the Up arrow key to enter)
  10. Miz

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    The main menu doesn't work for me :(
    I click new game but nothing happens.
  11. Jindo

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    kc had this "problem". It's in the style of a classic 90s arcade PC game, so you use the keyboard to navigate :).

    Arrow Keys and Space Bar, I'll put this somewhere at the bottom of the Flash at some point, in the mean time, I'm happy to keep mentioning it ;O.
  12. Romek

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    > I click new game but nothing happens.
    You don't click it. You press space. :D

    Also, don't know what the fuck happened here, but just after the spike pit, before the series of bridges, I fell. (Purposely). And I didn't stop falling. Ever.
    And the entire level started lifting itself off the screen. :p

    > if you turn right and make your way to the cave entrance, it works now (You press the Up arrow key to enter)
    I can't get it to work.
  13. monoVertex

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    One thing, you should make it so we can use Enter as an alternative to Space :p. I played right now and forgot that it was space and I kept trying with enter lol xD.
  14. Jindo

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    I changed it to Space for now because Enter was screwing it up in Flash's built-in Player, Enter acts as a shortcut to play the movie, meaning that it treats the game like a cartoon and skips through the frames, which is not what I want D:.

    Doesn't seem to affect it online though, which is just as well, I'll add it in again another time ;O.

    Also I just fixed that glitch where you can't jump while running up-hill, haven't uploaded it yet but I'm pleased :).

    Walk to what should look like a hole in the gravel behind you/cave entrance (depending on how good my illustrations are), and simply press Up, you should immediately warp to the cave :3.
  15. Romek

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    Hmm. Maybe I did it, but didn't notice. :p

    Your illustrations are awesome. Don't worry about them. :D
  16. Prometheus

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    Cool, glad to see you've fixed the movement+direction bug.
    There's a 2nd sekret door that does nothing. I wonder... :D
  17. Jindo

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    ^ Yeah I forgot there's 2 doors, if you've gone to the far right one it does nothing yet, that will take you to a different cave (you'll end up in the same place from taking it). Realised that I said to "turn right", there's me getting mixed up, I meant to turn left :3.

    I've been hard at working this afternoon adding the next part afer the cave, which is going to be a leap off of a very large cliff of some description. From there, the level is much more open and requires larger jumps, at the end of this area is the exit, and the first level complete.
  18. Aqua Dragon

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    Well I gave it a try. It seems like it's going along nicely, but I think that the jump image could definitely use a bit of improvement from that. It just looks funny, and I think that it would look better if it showed Winky arching himself more to the right in his jump instead of always facing the screen regardless of which direction you jumped from. Also, it would be nice if he had a double jump image (unless that wasn't intentional) seeing as how otherwise, he runs/walks in mid air :p. Having it show Winky enter the cave and exit it would also beat instanenous teleportation.

    But that's me, and I just like stuff to always have fluid animation. Nice job so far.
  19. Jindo

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    I've said that I haven't finished the animations, and the best I can do for the change between areas is a fade in/out to/from black ;P.
  20. thewrongvine

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    Awesome update as always. :thup:

    Will there be a health bar? EDIT: Nevermind, I see the hearts at the top.

    I got stuck in the first cave at the end with the two huts and the tiny little hole. :( :D

    Not really a problem, but just a thing with the balloon, like if you jump directly on top of it, Winky goes over it in front and it doesn't move. :eek:

    How do you get in the second cave? Or is it still incomplete?

    Another thing, when you're in "motor run" as I call it with the animation where Winky's feet spin super fast, if you're in that, the jump is delayed, so I often fall because I'm running fast, and then I try to jump but it doesn't jump till a second after. Don't know if it's on purpose or anything, so...

    :D Good job! :thup: <3 Winky. o_O


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