Crime Witchcraft Killing of two children in Sioux City

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Girls, 8 and 10, stabbed, strangled; suspect says deaths a spell gone bad

SIOUX CITY -- Two girls found dead in a smoke-filled house Sunday were the victims of a ritual slaying, police said Monday.

Their stepfather, Lawrence Douglas Harris Sr., 25, has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Kendra Suing, 10, and Alysha Suing, 8.

Police Lt. Marti Reilly said Harris had been performing "some strange ritual." Harris told investigators he was casting a spell that "had gone bad" and the spell "could have had severe consequences," according to Sioux City Police Chief Joe Frisbie.

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Ummm, how does the "spell" mess up and then leads to the guy stabbing his children?
Drug addicts and religion don't mix.
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