WIP WoFRP Roleplaying sandbox map - successor to SotDRP (source avaliable)


Vastly intelligent whale-like being from the stars
WoFRP - no, I'm not sure what it stands for. It's probably something dumb.
About two years ago I started on a project called WoFRP. It's a roleplaying sandbox map for WarCraft III, like SotDRP (which I am one of the authors of), except over nine thousand times better. Except I didn't finish it.

Some of the implemented features include:
- No selection bug (I believe it was SyncSelections() that was causing it).
- Ability to chain commands (eg. "spawn 4 marine; size 50; color pink" spawns a pink midget marine, all in a single line of code.), similar to CortexRP.
- Can create your own commands using 'alias' (again, similar to CortexRP).
- Can search for any model, unit, projectile, ability, item, command, whatever name (like CortexRP).
- Can attach any model in the game to units.
- OOC, IC chat and command logs displayed in a multiboard.
- Anti-grief stuff (I think the double flamestrike crash I haven't got around to fixing yet, and maybe something involving Avatar).
- More powerful commands in general.
- Much cleaner behind the scenes (no more GUI rubbish), mostly written in Zinc (with some vJASS).
- Prototype save/load system that would allow you to save/load builds from one game to another, allowing you to keep and share your creations. It uses the Preloader bug to write text to your hard drive (the 'save'). This text is a list of commands that, when entered, will recreate your build - presumably you would use a 3rd party tool (like a chat macro) to enter all the commands in, but I never got around to writing a 3rd party tool or finishing this functionality (I think it mostly works though).
- Some other stuff, but I really cbf trying to make a full list. Go ingame and type help for a list of commands, or "help 'commandname'" for information on that specific command.

So how unfinished is this map?
- Almost finished, but I don't have the energy to be bothered to finish it.
- Primarily lacking polish, in the form of tutorials, etc, to help players learn the new commands.

You can download the unprotected map as well as some other stuff here:

So what's the catch?
- All my assets have been licensed under the Open Software License v3.0 (OSL-3.0) (http://opensource.org/licenses/OSL-3.0).
- If you want to derive something from my work, you have to license your derivative under the same license and make an open source copy (an unprotected map) available for others to modify.
- Also you'll need to set up NewGen + Zinc preprocessor if you want to be able to compile the map, and optionally GMSI to use some scripts I wrote to help with object data creation.

It doesn't work! / I have a question! / I want to collaborate with you! / All your base are belong to me!
- You can post a reply in this thread, but I can't guarantee I'll respond in a timely manner. I'll only check it infrequently, if even that.
- You could also send a PM, but I only check those infrequently.
- If you really want to contact me, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll be sure to read it within a day or so.
- As for my current project, I'm working with Steel_Stallion (creator of Steel's D&D and XRP) on a Neverwinter Nights 2 roleplaying server called Port of Shadows, which can be found at http://talesofamn.pw/ - and yes, I do realize the name of the website is wrong (for now, we're renaming the project).
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