wondering about qualtily of maps


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this isnt a qeustion but its about warcraft3 so the genral discusion would not do

what kind of exepriance do you all have with patitic maps? im just wondering because i recently played a hero arena whioch was so patitic my unit did not have enothgh mana to use his abiltys and the erthnal form abilty made my unit lose all lvls lose an inventory and become a spirt walker with billzard and his normal modle. when i used it to trun back he literaly became a spirt walker even his name and modle turned into spirt walker. im just wondering about if this kinda of stuff happens to you

EDIT: sorry theres a warcraft talk? i did not know i havent been on in about a mounth and i like the new forum desing even though it takes adjusting


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patitic = pathetic? :p

I have seen a few, but barely any. Mine was like that at a point when it was still very buggy, but luckily I fixed most of them now. :D In my opinion, maps shouldn't be released if they're as bad as you described.

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I have had a lot of experience with 'patitic' maps :p

Rinpun is making his marvelous LoaP because the older ones spiraled away at first into rip-off, cheap, and pointless maps where there was literally no point because the God and Death players ruled over everyone else, and the police could simply imprison people for the game. The Mafia camped the hospital. The druglord became an almighty Demigod who became almost as strong as God in the late game. Then, the games plunged through a sickening twist of drug and sex related rip off maps ... it was worse than a porn site in some maps ...

I am making my Terror in Transylvania map because of how terrible the Murder in the Mansion games are (some just rip offs with changed tooltips and cheap shortcuts and codes), and how UNscary they are :p. It's almost laughable, but it gives those maps a bad name. Parasite was a great map at first, but the later versions became buggy and unclear. It is still a great map for its genre, though :D and with a great alien theme :shades:

I hate pretty much ALL RPG's; most that I have seen are unclear, look like little work have been invested in them, and are dominated by the uber (uber NERD), level 99 players who camp out the revival spots the whole game until the other players leave ...

There are also a number of pathetic maze games, that are all pretty much the same on such a consistent basis that it IS funny;
1. Dodge ghost, abomination, Fuzzy Wuzzy the Bear (don't ask >_<) on patrol route.
2. Dodge mortar team or catupult blast radius
3. Stay on the path. Often, this is the only real challenge, but it gets boring so much that I don't even bother with those games anymore.
4. Run from uber monster coming down path. This is actually pretty fun :D

A few, like Ghost City, have a cool plot, some unique traps (well, not really, in Ghost City, its pretty much just don't step over there or else, but it has enough variety to have some possibilities) and some potential :cool:.

OMFG, there are SO many cheap hero arenas, like Footies and Halo Footies, where the point is merely to tome up your hero until you have 1 million in all stats. They can be fun, sometimes, but its pretty pointless.

Intelligence heroes are slaughtered instantly, because they only get mana, and what use will a one shot spell that does 400 damage do against a 20,000 hp hero? They have no attack advantage other than a damage boost, which all heros have, and no defense, unless they have soem uber evasion or mana shield spell.

Strength heros last a bit longer, because they get hp and attack. They can survive long enough to get some kills, and do some damage, AND they recover hp rapidly.

Ultimately, agility heros pwnzorz. They get three crucial things; attack speed, attack boost, and armor. The attack speed means they can do 10,000 damage every second, whereas a strength hero can do 1000 every second. Who will win? They eventually get almost god like armor, meaning that the only competition is other similiary supercharged agility heros.


I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
dont forget turrent Ds

who ever unprotected a WinterMual was asking for it they ended up with a map having about 2 cheakpoints

ok air is supposed to fly over your guys right? yes thats good
but when the air flys over the wall and avoids your turrent defense complete thats just bad

they get to the end and soemone took out the end thing and they go back and the person was in the game with me he was boasting about it and we asked why his name wasnt in the credits and why he thought it was good we only stayed for so long becuase we (everyone else and me) were arqueing with this guy about hhow stupid the map became


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I never go on B.Net, so I have very little expierince in the big, interesting, fun and well made maps.

But I download a lot of single player and multi player maps, just to read the triggers, for interesting ideas.
{I Hate map protection. What is the point if others can't learn from the triggers?}

There are so many bad single player maps out there. 1/4 of the maps I downloaded were stuffed. Many had not been finished. Several ran out of ideas. I almost allways play with god mode, because I don't play for all the normal reasons, and this stuffs up a lot of cinimatics because people just assume that your person{s} are weak.

One map (original, based off The Hobbit, JRR Tolkein), was great in terms of capturing the spirit of the novel in a map - but once you reached lake town it all went strange. It didn't tell you what to do next and I go lost in miles of trackless scrubland. Taught me a lot that map did.
Right, I've had my complaint. Ohh, wait - AoS, played with just myself, because I like being the only level 100 hero on the field - I think it was a cheap rip-off because once an ability went past level 5, the tooltip went into Spanish {from English}.

Right, finished.


and then there is all those maps wich only tooltips is ' _q ( )' i hate those maps!


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in battle.net there seems only 2 maps "Dota" and "Footman"

And all custom maps nearly has 2 points copied from dota and footman. Most of them are the bad copies of the idea.. And this issue is same as the Tower Defence maps.

Customising a WC3 map is not only
Offence, Defence and TD

Most of us are making that kind of maps only.. there are not too many original ideas, also people are not open to new styles. Couse we are customising the abilities and units too much. That means people needs to play the map many times to learn it and show their personal abilities and egos there...

Too many good maps are not known inside of huge map databases on map downloading web sites.

My opinion is if you find a good map but its bugged and not protected, Just edit this map, and send a notice to outhor about it to make a new release. Lol i have started map making with this. I have edited a good TD map called "Bayus TD" that was alot hard and people were not playing the map becouse of it. Now im making my own insect colony :)
in my opinion, maps are going downhill on BN.....just yesterday, i had a list full of DotA's, footman, and some hero wars. the other maps i saw were...preschool showdown, a game name called run kitty run, and a couple other seemingly pointless maps....it seems like there are more and more maps going under, because people are ripping off the originals.....like dota...i have 4 different 6.10 versions...sooner or later..thast gonna go under also...so hopefully, map makers will actually realize this and stop ripping off original maps..and if making something close, add something to the map that makes it unique..so we dont just have a couple of good maps being hosted on BN....


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Tides of Blood will be around forever.

No one can rip it, people have tried, but no one has.

I've heard alla round the ToB forums Cassiel is rigging up the Last evsion of TOB, O to be VERY hard to crack. He's going to obfuscate each trigger and peice of code to make it hard to open, so reconstructors will have a REALLY hard time reconstructing it.

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Does that at all add lag? :p Wouldn't mind knowing how to do that, myself, if not.

The biggest thing I think is the problem is the lack of security people put into their work... DotA might have had good security, but apparently it wasn't good enough... So, obviously we need better ways to protect maps, like what Conan said ToB makers are doing :)

I've only released one map :p And I didn't bother to protect it. It was too small to be ripped, ROFL.


Cocktails anyone?
Your talking about my God, Cassiel.

If you play TOB, the ONLY thing that lags is Jean heal and her Flare. Everything else doesn't lag. Even when the base is flooded, no lag.

Cassiel has a crappy computer, and he focused on making it not lag. He's come up with some very interesting theorys, that work, but nonetheless are completely out of the blue. (Things so minuscule thatg make sucha difference)

He's ripping out useless things in O, which should REDUCE filesize, and not do anything to lag.

He's explained how he's doing it.

1) Obfuscate trigger.

2) Obfuscate the obfuscated peices of trigger.

3) Obfuscate those obfuscated peices of trigger.

Rinse, lather, repeat on another trigger / system / part of map.

Cass's knowledge of Warcraft III and coding in general is amazing. He far exceeds anyone here, he's the person msot likely to make you quit Warcraft III by ripping your intestines out, playing jump rope with them, then shoving them back in, all at the time when he's making you look like a complete moron.

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For me, even Jean's Flare and Cauterize don't lag (not noticeably :)). Before, Flare would freeze the game, but aside from that >_>.

You know, I never really noticed that ToB didn't have a ton of crap copies floating around :)

Perhaps that is a reason DotA dwarfs ToB: there are so many versions of it, as quite a few versions were unprotected and then edited or hacked, or altered to show some wannabee's screen name. This made it a good learning tool, and circulated in faster, whereas for ToB (which I have and will always love more than DotA :D), there isonly a new version every few months/weeks. I don't really get why ToB isn't as popular (perhaps because it doesn't really have a lot of modes, and not as many heroes, although the ones they have are very original, balanced, lag-free, and awesome :D And the item system is rather unexciting, but beyond that :p) as DotA, but ToB is still hosted rather regularly :shades:

What is 'obfuscate'? :p :rolleyes:
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