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    Okay, I don't know if this is elsewhere on the forum, but i have run into a small problem. I'm continuing my RPG mapmaking, and in thus RPG there are several maps with different spawn zones. If your hero uses an ability on one map to teleport to a zone that is on another map, I use an integer (i.e. map two zone 1) and set it to 1, and then store it in the game cache as an integer. After saving the cache and loading the next map which is the destination map, I have noticed there is no "load integer value" function in the game cache action tab. When I store the integer it stated in the description to use this function when loading the value. How do I enable this function? I'm in a serious bind! I wanted to use integers so I can spawn at different locations on different maps in the RPG by saving the integer associated with each location as a 1 for true and 0 for false. Any help would be extremely awesome! And a HUGE THANK YOU in advance!!!!!
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    Can you show us the triggers you have so far? That would help greatly.

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