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    1. The World Editor Help Forum

      • The purpose of this forum is for help with the Warcraft III World Editor. Please note the sub-forums associated with this forum. They are: Tutorials and Resources, The JASS Zone, and Members' Projects. Therefore, if you have something that deals with one of those things, post in the appropriate sub-forum. Do not post projects, advertisements, tutorials, spells, systems, JASS questions, etc. in the main forum. The main forum is for Editor questions and Contests, as there is not a Contest forum.
      • Do not PM Moderators with World Editor questions.
    2. Creating New Threads

      • DOTA SPELLS - Please keep in mind that not everyone plays DotA. If you are asking for help with a DotA ability, then please describe the ability itself rather than just stating the name of it and assuming that we know what it does.
      • NO FLOODING, at any time.
      • Please be very specific in your posts. Don't just write something like, "Plz Help" in your thread title, and don't type it in all caps. We want to know what your problem is. So tell us!
      • Also, if you need help creating a spell, don't just tell us the name of the spell you're trying to re-create (if you're trying to re-create a spell). Give a thorough description of what the spell will do.
      • Keep in mind that you may not be answered immediately. Be patient. If your thread is clean, reasonable, and easy to understand, it will be answered.
      • We here at are not a Warcraft III editing service. Do not expect for you to hand over your map to us and have it handed back magically complete. It won't happen. So don't try.
        There are cases where the problem can't be readily seen in the posts, in which case you will be asked to upload the map for someone to look at, but they will only be looking at that one problem.

      • USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. It's a wonderful tool. Some pointers about using search:

      1. The search does not combine words in the traditional sense of the word. It searches threads for multiple terms, but it does not look to see that the same post contains each of those terms. It does, however, support wildcards. What's a wildcard? Say you're searching for hero levels. Try entering this in the search box: "hero*". See the asterisk? (*) This tells it to search for all words that have the root of hero. So it will return posts with hero, heroes, and heros.
      2. A good option is to use the thread Titles Only option. That way, you can avoid posts where someone may have mentioned "heroes" and the thread has nothing to do with what you want.
      3. Search in the right section. Are you looking for a tutorial on how to do something? Search the Tutorials, Spells, and Trigger Code section, not the whole forum.

    3. Multiple Questions

      • Here's the deal. You may ask more than one question in a single thread. But DO NOT ADD MORE QUESTIONS LATER! I.E. no more "User's Question Thread". They are unwieldy and very hard to follow. Start a new thread when you have new questions.
      • DO NOT. POST. MULTIPLE THREADS. ASKING. THE. SAME. QUESTION. This will be heavily enforced. Most same-question threads will be deleted.

    4. Replying

      • Do not post spam. Do not flame. Do not post responses that are off-topic or have no relevance. This is very simple, guys. Just keep these threads clean and helpful. It's not difficult. SPAMMERS WILL HAVE ALL THEIR RECENT POSTS DELETED AS PUNISHMENT.
      • If 24 hours have passed, you were the last one to post, and your question has not been answered, you may bump your thread. But the 24 hour limit will be enforced, so be careful.
      • Write all of your posts in English. This is an English forum. If English is not your native language, tell us in the thread and do your best. We're pretty understanding here.
      • Take all the time you need to write your posts, forums are not the same as chat - for example instead of writing "gratz" or "ne1" you should use "congratulations" and "anyone" so that everybody can understand you easily. Also try to put periods and capital letters where they're supposed to be, this greatly increases readability. Acronyms are OK, but try to avoid leetspeak.
      • DO NOT HIJACK THREADS! If you have a question of your own to ask, post a new thread, don't try to take over someone else's thread.
      • Please do not revive old threads. If the thread to which you intend to reply is more than about a month old, don't reply to it. Just create a new one if you have a question about it.
      • The following is not a rule, but a word to the wise: When someone posts with a suggestion, don't post back and say that you'll try it and see if it works. If you do that, no one will respond and then you'll have to edit your post when you do try it, meaning that your post may not be seen. It would be better for you to try it first, then post success/failure.

    5. Unsupported Topics

      • Easy. Don't post stuff that is unsupported. Don't know what's supported or not? Here's an easy reference table:


        - Razor's release
        - Banlist
        - Maphacks
        - Name spoofers
        - No-CD cracks
        - Serial generator
        - Getting keys out of the game
        - DotA rulez
        - DotA blowz
        - Cracks or hacks for any other games or programs
        - Autorefreshers
        - Memory scanners
        - Map Deprotection



        - Wc3 Map Optimizer
        - NewGen
        - WEU
        - Hamachi
        - Most Other Stuff (Still don't know? Ask first.)

    6. Trigger Problems
      • Use WC3 Tags. Don't know how? When you have a trigger, look at the Events icon in the trigger editor. See the name of the trigger right above it? Right-click. Select Copy As Text, then paste into your thread.
      • [​IMG]
      • Put the [noparse]
        • [/noparse] tag at the beginning of the trigger, and put the [noparse]
        [/noparse] tag at the end. If you are posting in the JASS Zone, there are similar tags for JASS. They work like this: [noparse]
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