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    World Editor Tutorial Site
    This is the map making tutorial page for Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne. Here you can find vast knowledge about the Warcraft III World Editor and Warcraft 3 itself. These comprehensive Warcraft III World Editor tutorials will aid you in the Warcraft 3 map development process and also facilitate the learning of the advanced abilities of the Warcraft 3 Editor.

    World Editor Frequently Asked Questions
    All of the collective information from our Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. The new World Editor FAQ is an integral part of our tutorial site. This is a great resource for general questions about the world editor, and covers most of the simple basic topics.

    World Editor News Forum
    This forum has all the latest news about Warcraft III and the World Editor. It has news about tutorial site updates, new tutorial submissions, latest patches and general news about Warcraft III

    Tutorial Submission
    We accept submitted tutorials from the community. Upon approval, all tutorials are subject to revision for clarity and for web formatting. Credit is given to the original author when the work is approved.

    You should write the tutorial in text and submit your screenshots with it all zipped up (mark where the screenshots go in the text). If your tutorial needs revisions, we will work with you to get it posted.

    Many Thanks,
    -SD_Ryoko and community.

    This thread is not for questions. Please post questions in our World Editor Forum.
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