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Yea, we all know Smith is just THAT good.
But I'm better!
No, I actually got stuck at level 3 - I'm dizzy >.<


I got to level 12 but the totally repetitive techno was driving me insane. I would have kept trying given I didn't have to listen to the same 30 second loop over and over while trying to talk to people on skype and xfire (voice chat).

Not everybody likes techno! Not everybody listens to their music on 120% volume! And NOBODY likes to listen to the same 30 second loop over and over for 10 minutes playing a frustrating game!

Come on flash developers, if someone wants to listen to music they will play a media player! I really wish the Flash Player itself had a volume option.

Anyway, its alright but has really bad physics. Mainly because you're a square and they're a circle. It would be much less stressful if you didn't die when its not really your fault. It would be just as hard to play against squares... and much less stressful

I think "The worlds hardest game" would be those custom mario levels that are nearly impossible... Of course theres plenty of those types of games and maps.

I'd only give this a 6/10 purely for level design. It has no good art, physics, music is crap, and its all been done before.


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Level 8 has me stumped.
Deaths: A whopping 266... Pathetic, eh?
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