World's Tale


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God didn’t create the beginning of life and time. It was a fight, a battle, a war between the Higher Lords, Excellion and Formortis. Excellion the army of what we now call Angels, while Formortis, the Lord of Death, had a great army none only as the Dark. In a final battle between the Higher Lords Excellion, Lord of Life, decided to imprison himself and Formortis. He locked Formortis in a deep void, and to stop him from escaping Excellion locked himself, or herself (we do not know whether Excellion be female or male), in a second void. We now know these voids as the Moon and the Sun, and if ever you see an eclipse, that is Excellion fighting back Formortis.
Before Excellion locked Formortis away, he (Formortis) let go of most of his abilities and powers. What was released, became part of the Lords of Chaos. The power of Fire created the Lord of Flame, Satan. The power of Ice created Satan’s counter-part, Lord of Frost, Lucifer. Poison created the Lord of the Fiends, Istok. And the power to control the power of the undead, the biggest army in history, is the Lord of the Dead, Vosk.
Satan, Lucifer, Istok and Vosk. The Lords of Chaos.
This story begins here, but has many twists and turns, that not all can be told at once.
NOTE: The 1,2,3's etc... are the order of events... and the events are briefly described thanks!! I take all critisism!!! since i cant get any from my friends TT

1. Light Show, Light Vs Dark
The story of one of the very famous light users begins with the boy who called himself Light Show. The Lord of Heaven, or God, presented him with Holy abilities, while the dark ruler granted Light Shows brother with the power over Darkness. Thus beginning a fight between the brothers.

2. Light Show, History
In this chapter Light Show is inducted into Heaven and learns about the history of his “job”. At this time Jack Bowe, Light Shows dark brother, has acquainted himself with 2 brothers studying the Holy and Unholy arts. After an accident reading an incantation the brothers are transformed in Angelic and Devilsan.

3. White Shadow, Elemental Fury
After Light Show defeated Jack Bowe, he took control of the power of darkness, changing himself. Now among the people he calls himself White Shadow. Our hero meets Dr. Contrias, a scientist discovering the power of the elements. Dr. Contrias goes mad after being fired and going bankrupt, so he goes on a rampage finding the Elements of Nature, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity. After acquiring most of the Elements of Nature he wishes to control White Shadows powers as well.

4. White Shadow, The Beginning of the End
The forces of Hell push towards Heaven. White Shadow is weakened after a great battle with Elementor (previously known as Dr Contrias). A great explosion fused the Elements of Nature with Elementor making him into a grotesque creature, while this is happening the forces of Hell battle with the Angels. White Shadow receives information from the Higher Order, a group of unknown beings with great power. White Shadow joins the battle with the Angels and sends them back to Hell, also defeating the Devil with the aid of the Angel of War.

5. White Shadow and Excellion, The Great Battle/The Lord of Death
With the City in peace all is good whilst White Shadow surveys the area. One night, retiring to his bed for sleep, in his dreams he sees two great figures, fighting in the middle of the city. One with great wings and a tail and the other was shrouded in darkness. White Shadow awakes from his dream to see an Angel standing in his room, an Angel he had never seen before. The Angels tells him that he is the Angel Ezekial, the messenger for Excellion and Guardian of the Moon. “You must use what power you can muster my lord. The Lord of Death has escaped and is coming for you. He wishes you dead and destroyed… and is coming for you at this very moment. Meet me at the Gates of Heaven, Excellion wishes to speak with you.” White Shadow meets Ezekial at the Gates of Heaven to speak with Excellion. He is told that the only way to send the Lord of Death back to his prison in the Moon is to let Excellion fight through him. The Lord of Death meets with White Shadow, or now known as Excellion. They fight, with only one thing left on both their minds, to banish the other, because one cannot live without the other. Excellion pulls through and weakens the Lord of Death enough to banish him, but a group of Hell Minions intervene and stop the Banishing, with the Lord of Death escaping… back into his realm.

6. Michael, The Higher Order
White Shadow passes on his holy abilities to Michael Vay. Michael comes into contact with the mutated creature Elementor. The mutated doctor is still after the Elements of Nature including Michael’s holy powers. Elementor tells Michael that certain people are born with the ability to control the Elements of Nature and he is after these people. At this time the Fire user shows up unexpected and attacks Elementor crying out that the mutated doctor kill his family. Michael receives orders from the Higher Order to find and capture all the Elements of Nature and their powers.

7. Michael, Truth About Order
Following the High Order… orders to seek out and capture the Elements of Nature, before Elementor does, and their users he discovers the users to be likely allies in the fight against Hell and Elementor. The Higher Order does not approve of this and tries to convince Michael that they are of Dark nature and evil. Michael rebels against the Order and finds that the Order were not who they said they were. The Order was a group of Dark trying to claim the powers back for their… master.

8. Michael, The Second World
The conflict against the Dark continues in battles throughout the city where Michael lives. A portal within the city releases a group of lethal and unknown creatures upon the city, the portal also releases a traveller who says he is from a different world and is hunting the group of creatures that came through the portal first.

9. Michael, The Kryy

The traveller tells his story of where he is from. His name is John and he comes from the world known as Tystan and him and his people, known as the Angels, have been at war with the Kryy for many generations. The Angels in his world are men and women who are superior to others and have devoted themselves to defeating the Kryy and defending the people. Michael and a few of the Holy Angels head through the portal to aid John and defeat or at least send back the Kryy. It ends in a great battle against Urezil, General of the Kryy.

10. Joanna, Chaos
When Michael returns to his world he finds that everything is in chaos, when Michael was away Hell went to war with Heaven once again, this time with Earth as the battlefield. Michael finds a worthy holy user and passes on his powers. Joanna becomes the new Light User and must try to bring peace back to Earth and the Human realm. Demons walk the land killing any who oppose them, and using those who don’t as slaves.

11. Joanna, The War
Because the Light User wasn’t their to aid Heaven in its battle, Heaven had fallen, fallen to Earth in two parts. The Gate of Heaven and the central area fell next to Joanna’s city, becoming the Fallen City, and the second half of Heaven, the Library, had fallen into the ocean. Never to be found. The fight against the Hellish Demons continues, with great casualties. Then one morning, if there was one, a new enemy entered Earth, the Fiends.

12. Joanna, The Fiends
If fighting the Hellish Demons wasn’t enough now a more deadly creature had appeared on Earth, the Fiends. But there might be hope, after a small battle against a group of Hell spawns, Joanna finds himself face to face with a figure of white and black. Carrying a scythe as a sort of weapon. The stranger tells him that he can help with what strength he can provide. The Strangers says that the only way to defeat Satan’s Demons is to find the Angels, in the Fallen City and the Library.

13. Joanna, Return of the Angels
Joanna and the Stranger go to the Fallen City to look for aid from possible Angel survivors. They find many Demons and Fiends stalking the place, but for each other, not for humans or Angels. Joanna and the Stranger find no one to aid them, but they do come into contact with a mysterious young man, a man with a dark glow around him. The Stranger and the mysterious young man talk about matters that sound familiar to Joanna. He soon finds out be listening to the conversation that the Stranger is the infamous White Shadow and the mysterious young man is a weakened, humanlike version of the Lord of Death, Formortis. Formortis leaves them with some information, the Fiends are on Earth because the Lord of the Fiends is coming, and so are many of the Lords of Chaos, all to conquer Earth as their new realm. Joanna and White Shadow continue their journey to the Library. When they reach it they find that the Angels survived the fall! But are in the middle of a small war against some Hell spawns. White Shadow and Joanna aid the Angels in the small war and get their aid… Hope is coming back.

14. Flare, Return to the Other World
Joanna changes her name to Flare, to suit her new allies more. With the Angels back and hope back in the eyes of the Humans, the future is looking brighter… Until John, from the world of Tystan, returns to Earth with some urgent new. “The Kryy have returned, stronger than ever. Most of us Angels are dead, I’m one of the remaining few. We have come to warn you, the leader of the Kryy is coming to conquer Earth as well…”. With the return of the Angels and White Shadow, Flare goes with John to Tystan to find what made the Kryy so much stronger.

15. Flare, The Lords of Chaos

Flare arrives in Tystan to find it in ruins. John tells him that the stronger Kryy came from a new portal on the other side of the deserted, ruined, dead city. After fighting their way through Flare, John and a few more survivors get to the portal. What they see through it is another world, a world of ice and snow, with a dark blue sky. Flare and the survivors go through the portal. Who they meet is the leader of the Kryy, the Lord of Frost, Lucifer.
Flare and John journey up a path to Lucifers icy castle. Lucifer. Lucifer tells them that nothing will stand in his way, not even the other Lords of Chaos. Flare tests his power and is completely overwhelmed. “In my realm I rule. I control who lives and who dies here!” Flare and John return to Earth, since Lucifer has already conquered Tystan. Now 4 forces are at war on Earth, Satans Demons, Lucifers Kryy, Istok’s Fiends and the Angels. There still lies one army in a deep slumber… waiting to attack… waiting to strike… The Army of the Deak, lead by the Lord of the Dead, Vosk.

16. Flare, War of the Lords

Earth has become the battleground for a great war. A war between the Lords of Chaos. Demons, Kryy and Fiends so far fight against each other and against the Human Alliance (Humans from Earth and Humans from Tystan) and the Heavenly Angels. The only Lord of Chaos that has not joined the war as yet is Vosk, but that is soon to change. A group of Humans have learnt about Vosk and his power. The group have gone into the Darkened Caves. They venture deep within the caves and find the resting place of Vosk. The group of humans attempt at awakening him in a hop at control his power. They only awaken a very angry King of the Dead and die in the caves, never to be seen again. Now Vosk and his army venture to the surface to join the war. Meanwhile the Lord of Flame and the Lord of Frost meet on the battlefield and begin one of the most deathly and chaotic battles in history.

17. Flare, Unlikely Ally (Is very long...)
The war rages on, every force, every army is being beaten down to near nothingness. Most humans that couldn't fight, all women, children and injured, have gone into hiding. While the people who can fight, fight on against the enemy. With Lucifer and Satan fighting against each other, a battle of pretty much god. Flare, a group of Angels, and a large group of humans march on through once a great city, battling demon after demon, fiend after fiend, kryy after kryy. They group come to a large army of fiends, and leading the fiends is their master, the Lord of the Fiends, the Lord of Poison, Istok. The group of Angels and alliance of humans go into battle against the fiends, and Flare... Flare goes against Istok. Now two great battles take place on the once human inhabited planet.
During the battle between Istok and Flare two great things happen. Flare discovers that she also has another power, as well as the ability to use holy powers, Flare has the gift of Flame, one of the Elements of Nature, this gives her a great advantage in battle. Flare defeats Istok in battle, the Lord of Poison retreats to his world to recuperate. Flare aids the rest of her party in defeating the last of the fiends. But rising from the corpses of the fallen comrades and enemies, come skeletal soldiers, archers, and mages, and what lies in the middle of these soldiers is the most terrifying site of the war so far, Vosk. Vosk tells Flare that he is not here to fight in the war, but to aid in the end of it, because if one of the other lords takes over, Vosk will never get any rest. Flare, the Angels, the Human Alliance, and the undead march towards the final battle... the battle against the Demons and Kryy. Most of the army heads to the battle between the two remaining forces, but Flare and Vosk head to the battle between Satan and Lucifer. They arrive to see the two Lords of Chaos fighting, in constant battle. The two new allies find that they join the battle to end it. With the aid of her new power, and her new ally, Flare is able to finish Lucifer and Satan, sending them both back to their worlds, battered and very weak.
Vosk leaves with his undead, back into a deep slumber, his final words were "I shall return, one day, and on that one day, I will not be your ally." He then returns to the Undead Catacombs.
Thus ending the Chaotic War...

18. Flare, Rebuilding/New Land

Demons, fiends, kryy and undead have returned to their respectful worlds. The humans from both Tystan and Earth have joined together on the battered and bruised planet, now known as Astras. The Human alliance has begun rebuilding, repairing, reorganizing, of course with the aid of the Angels and the first female, holy and flame user, Flare.

19. Shane, Holy Traitors
Now ten years on, Earth has been reborn, into Astras, the Human Alliance back to work. It is time for Flare to pass on her holy powers to someone just as worthy as she. She has watched many people during this time, for she knew this day would come, but only one person stood out to her. The boys name was Shane, he was young, willing, and a helpful person, perfect candidate for the next holy user.
Flare passes on he powers to Shane, but only a few days into teaching him comes trouble. A group of people have started rebelling against the new enforcers. Shane is called to help, this being a good test for his powers. But Flare is not quite sure he is ready, so she follows. Shane is told where the rebel humans hideout is. He enters it and dispatches some guards quite quickly and easily. Another group of guards and followers come out to "greet" the intruders. Flare herself dispatches of these folk with a quick burst of flame. After immobilizing a few more followers Shane and Flare come to their leaders. It's a great shock to them at what they see... Angels

20. Shane, Lord Astras
Shane and Flare are given insight by the rogue Angels. "We have been given more power! We are stronger than our holy brothers and sisters! And we owe our thanks to our master, Shade." Shane soon finds out who Shade is, by a visit by the Dark Master himself. Shade is the NEW Dark User, and after a quick fight between Holy and Dark, Shane soon finds that he is completely outmatched. Along with the Dark Angels, another new trouble comes, a man claiming to be the Lord of the Humans, he goes by the name of Lord Astras. While Shane deals with the Dark Angels and Shade, Flare goes to investigate this Lord of the Humans. She finds that he is a complete phony. She attempts to stop him, but in her attempt he calls his "minions", Lord Astras calls them Dark Assassins. Flare fights her way out of Lord Astras' "office" and returns to Shane with the news.

21. Shane, Shade vs. Shane
With the new knowledge and all these new enemies the stress levels are rising. Shade sent a message to Shane, saying that they will have a final battle… in an underground cavern. The battle goes on… and it looks as if all hope is lost for Shane. With the two clashes of power a portal opens and teleports the two Users to a strange land. Shane learns that this is the World of Souls. This world is a separate part from Heaven and Earth and Hell. This is where wandering souls travel to when they have nowhere else to go. King Soul, after listening to Shane’s tale, agrees to grant Shane the power of soul control to defeat Shade. With this boost of power the two forces clash once again but this time in the World of Souls. Even though with this boost of power Shane still is not able to defeat Shade but he can feel his power significantly rising. The clash of power once again creates a portal but back to the underground cavern… There they will finish the fight.

22. Shane, Apocalypto
In the final battle Shane is slowly pushing back Shades darkness. But even with the power of soul control he is exhausted and weaker now… After deflecting an attack from Shade it rebounds and hit the roof of the cavern flooding the area with light. The light invigorates Shane and weakens Shade. Shade attempts to make an escape through the hole in the roof of the cavern. Shane chases him but finds that Shade is being held by a large figure wearing heavy armor and with a large sword on his back. “Give me one more chance!” Shade cries to the Unknown Stranger. The Strange takes his sword in one hand and with one single swing cuts Shades head off, releasing the power of darkness and stopping the Dark User… but who is this Strange? Is he with the light of hiding in the dark?

23. Shane, The Armageddon Brothers
After meeting the Unknown Stranger, they make several more appearances on Astras. But they are not of good intentions. They are killing humans and destroying cities. At every attempt to confront these terrorists they always leave before Shane or the Angels arrive. At one final attempt Shane meets two Strangers, the one that killed Shade and one with lighter armor and a smaller sword. Shane learns that they are the Armageddon Brothers. Apocalypto was the one who killed Shade and Endrive the other. Shane attempts to fight but is defeated in less than a minute by Endrive.
If this lose isn’t enough Flare travels with some Angels to confront “Lord” Astras. The Angels take care of the Dark Assassins, while Flare battles Astras. “I shall finish this now!” and with a swipe of his hand a jet of ice shoots out from the ground and pierces Flare through the heart…
“I bet you are wondering who I am… yes? Ah, well I have been chasing the Light user for many years now… always failing… always being defeated. But not anymore… now my power is all… and even if your little Shane can stop me now… I have more… more followers and more power than you could imagine…”

24. Shane, The Return
25. Shane, The Dark
26. Shane, The End
27. Blindlight, A New World


je'ne sais pas
Wow man looks like a really, really neat idea, I'm really keen to read this! (= +rep this is simply amazing


New Member
Thank you very much, finally some criticism or at least now I know that someone has read it! Haha
Again, thank you :)
I might be like making a short story for each event, or making just a regular story for each character :)


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Staff member
Jarjar, I already have sneak peeks! :D

Awesome, um, world story, heh. Interesting ideas you have there. :)



je'ne sais pas
Story for each character would be good in my opinon! Please notify when any more events / stories are done in a pm, I'm really keen to read them!!

Don't give up this book man, it looks mint! :thup:


New Member
thanks man I sure will :)

hey quick question guys... can everyone like follow the story? it isnt to confusing? cause thats what i was worried about


New Member
I'm finishing off Flares story soon, plus adding bits in that i forgot... :) so some more stuff coming yays!


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Staff member
It's not confusing! (especially since I keep asking you questions) :D

Keep it up! :thup: Foreshadowing... o:



je'ne sais pas
WWWWOahhh 19-22 look mint!

and I love this 21. Shane, Shade vs. Shane hehe, that just looks so cool nice name working right there! I salute you sir. :p

However, you missed a chapter! You went from 17 to 19 :p

And who was the original dark user? Did I miss something or did i just forget? -_-, man please please please, as I've said before, don't stop this story, I think it could be a reallllly big thing!

Loving it so far, I sense a new epic war coming, by the way, is the dark user in some relation to the undead chaos king? I'm sensing he is going to be in the long run :p


New Member
Squll you are awesome lol
Ok to answer a few questions, the original Dark User was Light Shows brother (read chapter 1)
17-19 woops lol there are two 17's so ill change it to 18...
Sadly I'm starting to run out of ideas for THIS main storyline, so Shane will be the last part of the 21 Century - 23 Century story line.
Epic war coming? Yes yes there is one coming...
Dark User with the Lord of the Dead? Nope, the Dark user power is originally from Formortis, while the Holy user power is from Excellion.

Shane will have the last few parts, but they will be longer than the others. :D
I'll answer ANYTHING you want :D


New Member
ZOMG VINE, no Sadly not :p
Maybe I could incorporate something in the next one... we shall see...
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