Worst thing just happend to me

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Demi666, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

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    okay so R.I.P My tv <.<
    atm our family possess NO tv both died yesterday....
    and my headset to....
    Actully, mine exploded inside, and my moms just went black and didnt start again :S,

    So i will be without a tv for 14 days.. 14 whole days,,:banghead:

    Yeah sucks doesent it^^?

    Anyways this is a kind of " feel sorry for me thread " xD
    but i just wanted you guys to know what happend :D

    since its general discussion
  2. ReVolver

    ReVolver Moderator Staff Member

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    That's what you get when you plugin too much in the electrical outlets.
  3. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

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    mine was a 14 year old tv so:p

    and tv was pluginned directly in wall not where all consoles were
  4. Ghan

    Ghan Administrator - Servers are fun Staff Member

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    The only thing I watch on TV with any kind of regularity is Star Trek.

    I'd say I run an average of 5 - 10 hrs. per week of TV.

    Wouldn't be such a big deal for me, but it sucks for you.
    Now you won't be distracted from TH. You can be around for two whole weeks, now. :p
  5. undeadorcjerk

    undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate TheHelper.net Lurker

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    I know someone who lives with out a TV.

    and I don't watch much tv. the most I watch is basicly the 2 hours of tv tonight(wensday) for Discovory Channel. Otherwise its like a 1 hour a day kinda thing. Most of the time the TV is on though, just on music channels.
  6. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

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    that would get me banned i think since im prob most hated person here:rolleyes:

    but the things i see on tv Except all Christas movies thats on now like the mummy and pirates of carrabien and that stuff... undead christmas holiday.. thats 14 days long......... to bad i lost tv now eh^^?...

    well i watch

    Rescue me
    Family guy
    Stargate Atlantis

    and MTV sometimes

    and sometimes Blade
  7. esb

    esb Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.

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    I only watch movies on my tv, and nothing else (maybe something here and there, but rarely)

    I watch movies often (rented, PPV, or some that are on tv)
  8. Insane!

    Insane! Shh I didn't edit this, go away.

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    discovery has a full episode player
  9. Daskunk

    Daskunk SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386

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    Ever since I can remember, we haven't had a tv in our house. We had a REALLY old one when I was like 5 years old, when it busted we never got another one. I only remember watching about 2 movies on it. Never had a tv since....

    Compare no tv for about 7 years to 14 days... Lol
  10. juty

    juty Zoom out problems look smaller

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    >Stargate Atlantis
    i love this show i watch 2 seris and now onto the third think there is a 4th out now but i just dnt get time for it anymore

    I wouldn't care less if my TV broke lol i would just go and watch things on the pc lol with my new tv tunner!!!! hehe
  11. Demi666

    Demi666 New Member

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    PPV = Pay Per View?

    lol, whats the website for that?
    can i watch all channels?

    Are you serious lol!?
    man you dont know what you been missing out on!

    Lol yeah brag:rolleyes:'

    yeah its an awesome show man:)

    But " Rescue me " is best tv show EVER created
  12. ArmedCitizen

    ArmedCitizen Kisses Cats

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    I have a T.V. but I haven't been able to view what I want for a little over a year or so. My mom decided to cancel my favorite channels. I have lost interest in television since then.
  13. DDRtists

    DDRtists ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ɹǝdns Staff Member

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    We don't have a TV in our living room or anything, my sister has one in her room, and I have a 42" LCD in my room for my Xbox. :)
  14. Sir Gordon

    Sir Gordon Decent User (I'm as good as you)

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    Ah, well, you know, many PCs got a TV onboard, such as mine...have a nice no-TV holiday nonetheless :)
  15. Ninva

    Ninva Анна Ахматова

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    Wow, read a book.

    (Get Kurt Vonnegut.)
  16. Narwy

    Narwy I Hate Owls. period

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    I Think this just is a good thing for you.

    You need to go outside and do something
  17. DM Cross

    DM Cross You want to see a magic trick? Staff Member

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    If your TV dying is the worst thing that could happen to you, you need to get a life.
  18. The Helper

    The Helper Administrator Staff Member

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  19. sqrage

    sqrage Moderator Staff Member

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