Wow, Blizzard has ruined WoW more than I thought..

Oblivion sucks, its story line is horrible and the RTS version was better.
Oblivion sucks, its story line is horrible and the RTS version was better.

Are you kidding me? Oblivion kicks ass! The only singleplayer RPG that's better is Morrowind, the previous game. The only thing with Morrowind is that the graphics are so outdated.
Oblivion is fine, the only flaws are certain boundaries, and no multiplayer, as well as a complex editor, other then that, it is so great.
Back to WoW, and the storyline raping, I basically see it as World of Warcraft is not so much an addition to the Warcraft universe, but just a chance to really explore that world from a closer angle. I'd say that WoW has added a LOT to the story and background of WoW. Sure, it doesn't fit the world perfectly, as all the players are too powerful to fit in the game, but it's worth it because it lets you see all the cool stuff in the whole world of Warcraft.

I mean, sure, they could have made you about as powerful as a normal hero-type should be in the warcraft universe, but then how would you have any fun? All you would be able to do is run around and kill low level mobs and each other. That doesn't sound very fun to me. So, some minor, (or major) tweaks to the story to make the game more fun seem perfectly reasonable.

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What about the bad graphics in oblivion? Sure, the models looked nice and all, but put a torch behind someone, and their face would glow orange! The lighting system, and boring repetitive game play ruined it for me.
O.K. World of Warcraft is fun in terms of the gameplay. As AgentPaper said, it's just the exploration of the warcraft world of Azeroth from an RPG view. The storyline is just about ruined so that gets rid of any RTS sequal with a complex storyline.

In my opinion, World of Warcraft was the way for Blizzard to go out of the Warcraft series on a pile of cash.

The is off topic, but if you put some mods to Oblivion, you can end up with a very good singleplayer game. On the editor, I can't comment because as far as i'm concerned it doesn't have one and there was a possibility for it to be multiplayer if they made an MMORPG version of it.
Thought like you said WoW is an addition to the gameplay etc. I say they rushed into what the people wanted to much in terms of character ideas. Usually doing so won't piss anyone off, but will effect the quality and amount of gameplay.

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Well, I think if they make a new RTS of warcraft, they would probably either ignore most of the stuff that happened in WoW, (like killing off most of the bad guys, if not all) or they would add so much new stuff you won't even notice all the dead old enemies.
That would be fricken sweet!
An enhanced editor, better Jass and GUI, new spell bases to do a larger variety of stuff with less work...hell yes!
Everyone seems to want a Warcraft 4 as much as everyone wanted a Starcraft 2. However, how long did we have to friggin wait for Starcraft 2!??!! I lost count >_>

Anyway to me, WoW is a mockery of Warcraft.

Before WoW came out I could talk to my friends about Warcraft 3 (as we all played it, and loved the Editor) and no one made fun of us or anything, we were just normal guys playing video games.

However now, I can't even say Warcraft without having someone point and say, "NERD!" which I tell you, is extremely annoying. WoW ruined most of my Warcrafting experience for me, and I wish it had never been created. I hate getting assosciated with the bulk of WoW players, which are mostly MMO players who care as much about the original lore of the world, as much as they want to get out of their parents basement.
Partially the same deal for me, Warcraft 3 has already came out with dota, that by itself should push Blizzard to the creation of a 4rth Warcraft, but then again, Diablo 3 might take up some of my time...
Dunno if anyone's already said this in this topic but

I wouldn't be surprised if we get Alexstrasza, Elune and Kil'jaeden as killable bosses soon enough.

We actually got Kil'Jaeden in the last patch :p
But DotA is a love-hate game.
And it really pushes a system that should be able to run warcraft III, it really shows the power of the editor.

On the topic of WoW, I started playing again. The storyline may be warped, I mean was Mara even in Warcraft III, but theres just an element of great fun if you can find fun people.
Pushes the system, no way. DOTA is simply a fun, interesting, looping game, that's constantly fun to play. There's nothing complex about it in terms of editor at all, honestly. And it's a success because it attracted so many players, not because of how 'hard' it was to make.

But if they made another Warcraft, I am posotive they'd either make a new hero you'd play with, and or just made up more gods, and Sargeras's body guards ot something lame like that. Though, I wouldn't mind another race or 2...
DotA is taxing on the hardware of a computer that should play War3 at its max.
Thats what I meant.
The Universe of Warcraft has so many possibilities.
Blizz will never run it down.
Several comments.
1. DotA sucks.

2. The lore isn't being destroyed or anything... Blizzard says how the story goes. People who are like 'no lich king cant dei he iz leik all powerfl n stuf rite?' are simply ignorant of the fact that Blizzard is god to warcraft and can make anything happen as they wish. To me, the only stupid storyline move from blizzard was making kiljaeden a boss randomly summoned.

3. Also, people don't seem to understand its much harder developing a story while trying to entertain 10 million people at the same time.

4. Those who think WoW's story sucks probably hasn't gotten to raiding yet, where the story really picks up and gets more interesting, such as how throughout outland you learn of the plot being formed by vashj and kael to betray Illidan, which Blizzard puts together quite nicely.

So no, Blizzard isn't ruining warcraft. And yes, DotA sucks. I don't get how anyone likes it. The only bonus is nice custom spells but it's not even fun playing because it's filled with elitist fags.
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