Online Wow...for Freeee?(Runes of Magic)


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I posted this on numerous sites, so this is copy and paste

Runes of Magic.. Its a free MMORPG. And is infact the only game ever to get close enough to be a WoW clone... It has essentially every interface feature, the item grading system, and so on, seriously its basically WoW for free. Sure its not original, but its free, and its the highest budgeted Free MMO I believe also, so if anyone is tired of paying 15 bucks a month, I seriously recommend Runes of Magic.. I been playing it for a few days, and it seems to also use other features from other games, and this MMO seems to have some of the things WoW lacks... Such as

Guild Wars, Guilds can actually fight, and if I remember fro what people say, you can even have your own guild castles(kinda like you have your own small castle in Guild Wars) I think they can ally too but I'm not too sure.

The level cap so far in this is 50, and grinding actually doesnt take forever until your in the mid 20s, then it gets slower, and content doesn't start until lvl 10.. Also at lvl 10, Dual Classes kicks in..

Duel Classes is a primary/secondary class system, where when your character reaches level 10, they can pick another class to be there secondary, one thing about this though, is its essentially 2 characters in one, as in you level them seperately and you can only change primaries at your houses(Yes you can get a house) And theres another tab where theres non class specific spells. Like mine was a Lvl 12 Knight and a lvl 9 mage, I couldnt use most of my mages spells, but I could use some other mage spells like fireballs and stuff. Its very nifty.

One thing about this MMO is is every patch, or every month they add 2 levels to the cap, and every so often they make 2 new classes/races.

Here are the current and upcoming classes.

Warden-Next Month/Elf
Druid-Next Month/Elf

The customization system is alot better then WoWs too.. Hair colors you can literally pick which exact shade/highlight, theres a panel where you can choose your colors, not preset of 10 different colors. Next is you can literaly shape your character, from there breasts(>.>) Size of your chest/Forearm/hand/Wrist/Foot/Hip/Ankle/Height/head

The Gear system is also very similar but theres also more. You can have 2 Rings/ 2 Necklaces, and everything else is pretty much like WoW gearing. Theres also a nifty button, when you switch classes like Knight to Mage, you cant use chainmail or plate on a mage, so if you already have cloth armor in your bags, you click the button, and you start fresh, equip your new gear, and you can go back and forth.

Mounts... You can get them essentially any level, alot are temporary, some are perma. I think you can have flying ones too.

Everything in the game is VERY similar or exactly the same, Things like Flightpaths, they changed it to something else but its the same thing..

If you cant/wont pay for WoW, this is a good way to experiance it, theres raids and everything. One of its major cons was it was too similar to WoW, but its better, and its Freeeee.

Its well worth playing =)

Just so pple stop asking


The above is because on numerous sites I posted on pple kept asking "what server do you play on? Whats your user" Despite it getting said in every other post.


I keep popping up on this site from time to time.
Hey Pun! (Twinkies! XD)

Make sure you guys have the right resources... I was off 400MHz on my processor and the game epic failed.


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Meh. I highly doubt it's as good as WoW was... The reason WoW is so good is cuz there's 3490 million people in every server so it's never hard to join a guild, start an instance, auction an item or join a party. These free games are typically crap and barely have any players.

I might try it out though and if it does turn out to be good...well then I'll be happy. :)


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Downloading right now. And holy crap it's gonna take a while. Going at a steady 1mb/s and I got roughly an hour to wait o_O Hopefully it will be worth it

Edit: Two hours later I can finally try this out, it better be good.
90 minutes to download, 30 minutes figuring out how the hell you log in and play. Turns out you need to register for TWO sites.
HAHA good customization, hell you can even set the size of "breasts" if you make a female character. THAT made me laugh


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Its alright. If you don't like paying for WoW this is pretty much exactly the same. No wait, that's not going far enough. The hotkeys are the same, the whole system is the same. The only difference is that they don't have as many classes as WoW Yet
For a bit I thought I was actually playing WoW...It's hard to tell differences. Yea its cool cause its free, but if you don't like WoW, or are far into it, no point in downloading this. Saying its similar to WoW is an understatement


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Hm, I'd have to try it out some day... I don't know when I'll have the time to spend two hours on a game every day or weekend. Hm. :/


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WoW, its either something you love or hate. If you really want to try it. Go in with no expectations so you dont get either disgusted or impressed. So its a rip-off, at least its free


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Pretty much is a WoW clone, and is infact the first mmo to get this close to WoW, plus suprisingly its a high budget MMO, graphics aren't bad, they have some cool features WoW doesn't, feels different, etc. But its essentially Wow..for freeee!

So this game is good for if you want to have a different feel rather then woW(despite the features) Don't want to pay for WoW(or subscription) Or if you cant play WoW this is a good subsitute.

Yea its fairly new, though it has a good amount of players, they add levels every other month I think, or eevery month.. Not sure offhand, one of the two, and they add 2 new classes every so often, next is druid and warden with a elf race.


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Well, it depends. Not sure if it has that addicting feeling. It might, might not, I'm not addicted to WoW anymore, infact im not addicted to any game, any game I like I may play alot but get burned out fast


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The thing I love about this is that like WoW I can only play it about an hour straight tops. So when I don't play often it doesn't feel like I'm wasting my money on it. It feels nice lol
BTW my name is Jaujarahje and I'm on the Reni server 2 or something like that


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im punwisp, me and some wc3 haven groupies made a guild. On reni server

ill try to remember to add you to friends(your name is gonna be fun.)


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Haha yea. I'm the only one out of my friends that can spell it from memory. Even though I use it for mostly everything lol. Tried it for lazer tag one time. Person didn't even try to say it. Turned into "The name that starts with Ja and I don't want to try to pronounce"


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I played it a while ago. It looked like wow. But it did not play like WoW. So I went back to playing wow.


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Of course it doesn't play like WoW, it feels different, the UI interface, and pretty much every feature in WoW is in this game >.>

Um my highest is 11 Mage/14 Knight

I would be lot higher but of course I still have other MMOs to play and 11 forums to go to on a daily basis
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