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    Oh I am so sorry ><
    I thought I gave you that
    26. A character becomes sick during the story. During the story, a character is given a good talking-to. During the story, there is a visit by a very common visitor.
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    Well, heres my piece for NUMERO 14. Do enjoy :D

    The Challenge

    The Story
    "Oh... Shi-"

    Tick, no sound, instant blackness.

    A Man layed on a wooden table covered in cloth and bloodstains, he was muscular, and wore no clothes except some combat trousers and boots. His pale skin reflecting the synthetic light from the bulbs. Looking around, he saw a marble floor, a few green cupboards, and medical supplies.
    The only sound he could hear were footsteps; of a doctor.
    "Name Sergeant?" spoke the doctor, with a stern voice.
    Groaning, the Sergeant replied weakly;
    "Sergeant Heffield Greeves..."
    "Very Well, Sergeant Greeves. My name is Doctor Kopskin."
    Heffield noted his name, but a sudden rush of expulsion came from his mouth, coughing up blood onto his chest.
    "Relax, Sergeant, Relax!" cried Kopskin, "It is nothing short of a miracle however!"
    Kopskin nodded at the broken object on the floor. Kneeling, he picked it up and showed it to the Sergeant.
    "Thats... my..."
    "K91 Rhino-Class Assualt Rifle; a nice make I must say so... a pity - what a waste." tutted the Doctor.
    Kopskin readjusted his latex gloves, and produded a chair and sat down; twiddling his thumbs nervously.
    "You wanted to ask... something Doc?" Heffield asked.
    "Read me like a book... well i suppose i better say." sighed Kopskin.
    "Am I gonna die? Tell me Doc!" Heffield said anxiously, sweating slightly.
    "Die? Oh no-no-no-no! You'll be fine."
    "Then whats wrong with me?"
    "Wrong? Well; your ribcage is a bit shattered, You have slight internal bleeding, all your organs are undamaged miraculously, and your cybernetic enhancements are at 95% efficiency. We've already done the surgery mind you, but you will be fine in a week or two."
    Sighing heavily with relief, Heffield smiled.
    "Do tell me though... what happened? Im always curious as to what our... brethren of death have to tell of their misendeavours." questioned Kopskin.
    "Well... i remember a part of it..."

    'I Was with my fireteam, part of the Huncifol 2nd Platoon, it was night-time, we were in a town called... Prios I think. Rubble everywhere from an air-strike, few buildings remained somewhat intact. There wern't even skeletons, anything organic was melted by the Nolperit Napalm. We were settling down for the night in an abandoned shack. Two of my squadmates had already fallen to sleep, but the marksman specialist, Giran, was setting up his sniper.
    "What you doing Girian?" I asked.
    "We need some food for tomorrow, so i may as well start now." He replied.
    "Nothing out there, unless you count metal or rocks as food. Napalm got everything."
    "I spotted something earlier, im sure of it."
    "Yeah? Well good luck with it - just use your muzzle-silencer, theres no need for an enemy to see the flash and sound and think 'Oh hey! Thats one of my guys! Why dont i pop on down, have some tea, and say goodbye in a non-violent way!"
    "Yeah, yeah, no need to get all bitchy."

    He set up his sniper on a window ledge, and a few minutes later, lo and behold - he shot and caught something. He went out to get his prey, and came back.
    "Just a bloody cat."
    "It'll make some good meat i guess, but is it diseased? Does the napalm give off stuff?"
    "How should i know? I don't make the stuff."
    "We'll have to ask Igav." I sighed, pointing at one of our squadmates, who was the only person who knew how to work the medical gear.

    At the time, I couldn't sleep, so I went around and patrolled the area. Nothing was unblackened, you could literally feel the area melting, as if the napalm was rushing over you. Eventually, I found something covered in rocks, I slung my assualt rifle over my chest, and removed the debris. Upon further inspection, I assumed it was a heavy object, it had a thick shell of metal, possibly a safe i thought at the time. As I removed more debris, I found a timer. Counting down. From 2 seconds. All I recall there was saying "Oh Shi-" and then blackness.'

    "So it was a bomb?" Kopskin asked puzzled.
    "An undetonated one, must have been a defect. Literally no firepower in it at all, otherwise i'd have been disintegrated, and if I hadn't put that rifle around my chest... i'd have been mangled beyond repair." Heffield explained.
    "It could have been a bomb years ago, and the timer malfunctioned; and with such little power, it explains why the napalm didnt set it off. Besides, your rifle absorbed most of the shock."
    "Heh... you should be a detective Doc." teased Heffield.
    "And miss out on the stories? I quite like it here thank you." said the Doctor sternly.
    "Anything i should know?" said Heffield.
    "You'll have to pay a fine for a new Rifle... sign here please." informed Kopskin, showing a form.

    Kopskin protruded a pen from a pocket, and offered it to the Sergeant. The Sergeant grabbed it weakly.
    "Thanks Doc." Heffield said, signing the form.
    "Now get some rest; your body needs it."

    Kopskin left the room, leaving Heffield to his thoughts and pain, and to his sleep.

    "Really... 'Oh Shi-'? I Should have said 'Bugger.'..."

    In related news, tabs dont work - it just goes to the start of the line :(

    Hope you enjoyed it!
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    Right... well it seems all the challenges have been taken, so I'll take the first open one.
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    I'll translate that language. He wants number 24. :)

  5. New_U.S.

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    don't worry, I have backups/extras just in case of this incident

    28. A character is disoriented throughout most of the story. During the story, a character finds a pleasant surprise. The story takes place at midnight exactly.
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    Rofl, almost done mine! Just, it's hard to make it ~500 words.
    Mines almost 2k >_>.
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    I still have nineteen! It's mine!

  9. Syndrome

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    Before you read this, I just have to say this was more of a spontaneous writing idea that came to me. I usually don't publish these kinds of things but...

    Man this took loads of ripping apart to put this together to be around 500 words >_>

    Shopping Day

    “Dress... Myself?” The realistic girl in front of me sitting down on the bed said, tilting her head slightly to the side, “I do not know how...”

    “What?!” I stared, dumbfounded, “This is the 22nd Century, and robots don’t know how to dress themselves?!” I looked down at the piece of paper mom left me with, circled in nice bright red marker was the words ‘Dress Terra up in new clothes’, and I wasn’t about to peel off a girl’s clothes and slip on new ones, even if it was just a robot.

    “It looks like there aren’t even other clothes that I should put on.” The robot added in after seeing me contemplating what to do. It was at this time when I moved my thumb covering the words ‘P.S, buy whatever clothes fit her’ on the list of chores.

    “...” I stared at the paper like it was one of those magic tricks that you just couldn’t believe. What. The. Hell! So, I was supposed to waltz up to a girl’s fashion store, buy a dress that looked nice on Terra and then dress her?! I’m not doing it. No way. This zone is far beyond the reaches of mortal man.

    Later, at a Girl’s Fashion Store.

    I can literally feel eyes boring into the back of my head as I entered the freaking store. They had to add a freaking bell that freaking rung to freaking announce my arrival to freaking everyone in the store. I swear, I looked like one of those perverts in manga before Leroy, my pet gerbil, decided it didn’t like my sweater’s pocket as his home. I couldn’t show my face in public after what happened in the next twenty five seconds. It went something like this:

    Leroy leapt heroically out of my sweater into the air and into a pile of... undergarments. So, I did what the first thing in my mind told me to do: search for him. I tore away at the soft pile until I unearthed Leroy, who had his sights on yet another target. He started dashing down the walkways between the racks while I, being the clumsy klutz I am, practically tore down every single one of those damn racks in my way as I chased after him.

    There was screaming everywhere and I eventually tripped on one of those hard racks. My vision pretty much turned pink before I peeled off yet another piece of fabric off my face before realizing what it was: a bra. I dropped the thing like it was poison before picking up the pursuit after Leroy, who darted underneath a couple of curtains.

    “AHAHAHAHA! I GOT YOU NOW!” I yelled without hesitation, or thinking for that matter, as I tore open the curtains revealing a girl who was in the middle of changing. It took about 1 second for both of us to register what has just happened.
    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The next thing I remember was a flurry of fists knocking the sense out of me.


    “That would be twenty-five dollars; will that be by card or cash?” The robot attendant asked, unaffected by what had happened. I covered the black-eye surrounding my right eye as I paid him and got the dress. I sighed as I stared at it. I had to chase down my gerbil by mangling a pile of underwear, tearing down a couple blocks of the ‘Modern Dresses’ section and walking into a girl who was in the middle of dressing, all for this small flimsy dress for my robot.

    As soon as I got home, I threw said dress at Terra who was still sitting down at the bed. I guess robots have no emotions and feel like they had all the time in the world. “Go, dress up.” I said spitefully, stowing Leroy back into his small gerbil cage.

    The girl looked at the nice dress in her hands before looking back at me, “Uhm... I still don’t know how.”

    That was kinda fun though xD
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    Come on ladies and gents; put those pencils to paper! (Or fingers to keyboards) and get writing/typing!
    You have challenges to complete - you don't want to LOSE now do you :eek:
  11. Ninva

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    My last story is about zombies. I don't have time to rewrite it online. Too busy at school right now.
  12. Chao

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    I'm trying to get a grasp on the concept, but it's eluding me; could someone pick a challenge for me? I'm perfectly alright with 5. :D

    Lookin' forward to it!
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    The Writer's challenge has been reopened, and pretty much the boxes are all cleared once again besides the already completed challenges.

    So Enjoy.
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    Could I have 16?
  15. Miz

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    Challenge #16!
    A quite easy one if you know how to write Sci-Fi

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    Still waiting for 19, :D
    Um, in the mean time... 3 please :O

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    This doesn't happen to conincide with my little post saying its derelict in my story eh? :p

    In more on-topic news, i request a new challenge.
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    May I try box nine?
  19. Miz

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    Lucky challenge number 3 (You will realize that I switched and replaced the challenges.)
    You need to pick a number first xD

    Edit -
    Lucky number 9
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    Oh snaps, I have a weird one.
    I have an idea though, heh.
    Working on it...


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