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Hello TheHelper!
I've been an on again off again map editor goof ball for some time now and finally decided to start work on a dream map of mine. If the title didn't give it away, it is an X-Men RPG. It started off as a hero siege, but as I progressed with the map, I felt more and more compelled to give it some depth, as well as relay some of my favorite X-Men story arc's. My ability to customize heroes and manipulate abilities is relatively good, but I'm not quite up to par with the triggers yet. I've used TheHelper to get some of the things in this map started, but decided to take a break and announce its in work.

This is by far the part of this map that I am enjoying deploying the most... Early in the game, the X-men investigate a power fluctuation in a small Alaskan town. players can either choose to chase this tale, or go to the danger room for some training. Either choice sets off the first two story arcs.

After going to Alaska, the team discovers that a mutant has been born. The first one in a decade (readers of the comics will know this immediately as the Messiah CompleX, the primary story this map is based on.) The other, entering the Danger Room, the Danger Room needs to be shut down due to a malfunction, after leaving the danger room, they respond to a hostage situation, only to encounter an Alien named Ord, an inhabitant of a distant planet called "Breakworld". During this encounter, a cure for the mutant genome is announced, and while covering both quest lines, the Danger room, a program designed around mastering the X-Mens moves and finding ways to beat them, to train the team to adapt, has become sentient, and hates the team it has trained for having never answered its first sentient call of "who am I?" (based off Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run) both these stories will be ran through, and progress in one requires progress in the other.

2 (for now) separate story arcs right from the comics! Messiah CompleX and Astonishing X-Men will be combined/mashed together in a fashion that makes some measure of sense/compliment each other, but still told in a way that doesn't ruin X-Men lore (those terrible movies)

14 Heroes new and old from the comics themselves to include -
Archangel- in game UPDATE
2/4 moves complete, basing him almost entirely on the archangel anti-hero, rather than Warren Worthington the third (as he was initially introduced)
Cruel barbs
Applies a stacking debuff on Archangel's target that increases damage taken by Archangel, if the unit dies with this debuff on, they will return as a minion serving Archangel.
Only the Strong Survive
Archangel sacrifices one of his minions gaining a % of their health in return.
Any suggestions for a 10th level passive and a 15th lvl ult would be greatly appreciated. I would like to interpret a fly mechanic for him using metamorph or something like that, but so far have been unsuccessful. I also don't want him flying into areas that should not be available yet.

Colossus- in game UPDATE
4/4 moves complete
Ground Pound
Slams the ground dealing damage to surrounding enemies.
-Id like to get the impale effect in this trigger, but atm I'm pushing for a playable demo so am settling atm for a modified Thunder Clap
Lets out a bellowing roar reducing enemy units armor (working on a fear effect, armor reduction in place now)
Steel Skin
Grants Colossus a 20% chance to avoid all damage when attacked
Pulverizing Blows
Grants a 20% chance to knock back enemies on auto attacks.

Cyclops - in game UPDATE!
Concussive Slam
Targets an enemy and blasts them! Pushing target and nearby enemies back.
Trick Shot
Enables Cyclops auto attacks to bounce to another nearby enemy.
Optic Rage
a mimic of the X-Men Legends 2 "ult" basically a large cone area massive damage attack. Basing damage on int.
Any suggestions for a lvl 1 move would be greatly appreciated. His auto attack is an optic blast, so I may just make a searing arrow type move, but would rather do something more exciting. Maybe a piercing shot based off Vorpal Blades? Nah, needs to consume mana otherwise this guy is gonna be sitting on mana ALL the time.

Elixir- in game Removed!
Sorry, couldn't make him fit as a character, better suited as an NPC

Emma Frost- in game UPDATE!
4/4 moves complete!
Telepathic Lobotomy
Silences, deals damage over time, and reduces attack rate.
Self explanatory
Put your mind at ease
A heal. It may not make sense, but Emma Frost has on occasion used her telepathy to make people not feel pain.
Diamond Form
Based off Robo Goblin. I want her other moves to become unavailable while in diamond form but Ive only just plugged a space holder for it atm. Supposed to make her a feasible melee character that isn't as squishy as other Int based heroes.

Gambit- in game Updates!
3/4 moves
Kinetic Charge
Gambit puts a stacking debuff on his enemy, increasing his damage, upon death, if afflicted by Kinetic Charge, the enemy explodes
52 Card Pick-Up
Throws 52 cards into an area dealing damage per card.
Horseman of Apocalypse
A lesser known trait of Gambit, he was recently turned into Apocalypses Horseman Death. As a testament to this, I gave him an ability based on voodoo spirits, where the spirits deal damage and return health to gambit = to the damage dealt
For his lvl 10 passive, id like to give him an ability that gives the player money, I haven't begun working on it yet, but this is my hope, any suggestions though are welcome!

Ice-Man- in game Updates! but man is he looking boring...
2/4 moves complete
Frost Nova
same as spell in game, scaled to my map
Frost Armor
same as Frost Nova...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would like to use Ice Trap (a spell in the submitted spells thread) but cannot get a hold of the creator to request permission, and even when playing with it, couldn't get it to scale accordingly.

Nightcrawler- in game UPDATED!
4/4 moves complete
Teleport Attack
Omni Slash, reduced damage and based it off agility. More ranks = more teleports
Lightning Reflexes
Instead of a simple dodge, I used an ability posted in the submitted spells thread, pending permission from the creator I will be using this as Nightcrawlers "save me!" button.
Light Footed
permanently increases movement speed by 50 (sounds lame, but with the scaling I did for the map, its very effective.)
Group Teleport
Same as mass Teleport and my only Ult that has more than one level so far.
rank 1 can teleport with one ally, rank two can teleport the entire party.
I'd Like to make Lightning Reflexes his passive, but I cant get it to work (yet) as a passive, only activated ability. As I work more on the map and become better with triggers, I'm sure I will get it, in the mean time, suggestions are welcomed.

Storm- in game Updated!
4/4 moves
Chain Lightning
Initially just lightning, but as you rank it up, it jumps more and more.
same as the Ult in game, with dramatically reduced duration, and only slightly reduced cool down. This is her CC move.
Soothing Breeze
Healing Aura
Bringing down the Lightning
Based off the Infernal ability, took away the summoned unit and replaced the art with a massive Lightning Bolt, kept the stun and radius. Long cool down, massive mana cost.
Suggestions? If you can think of something better for her, please let me know! I was considering removing the healing aura and giving her a passive to make her auto attack act like Forked Lightning, but haven't decided yet. I avoided Blizzard because I really wanted Tornado.
Warpath- in game Updated!
0/4 I initially removed Warpath because I didn't want to stack my Str. characters with members of X-Force, but after trying a different hero for strength, and considering Warpaths sync with WC3, I decided to return him to the roster. Any suggestions for moves would be appreciated. A little back story on Warpath for those that are unfamiliar with the character, hes a native American whose brother was in the second team of X-Men and died early in the comics trying to prove his worth. Warpath has two Booey Knives he fights with, and is in touch with his Ancestors. I want him to focus on that Ancestor part, giving him stampede as an ult and summoning a spirit companion, but I want the companion to scale late game (base its health and damage off his) but again, having just added this character, I haven't even started on that. As a given, hell have a manipulated Storm Bolt for a Knife throw. And perhaps Bloodlust for when he goes blind with rage over the loss of his brother.

Wolverine- in game Updates
4/4 moves
I cannot deny I am a wolverine whore. Ive dedicated a considerable amount of time to his development in this game because I often dont like how hes translated into games, but enough about that, rest assured, while a big an of the character, I did not make him imbalanced.
Applies a DoT to his target, no initial damage, reduced duration against hero units
Single target damage, deals bonus damage if target is effected by Garrote (haven't got the bonus damage to work just yet, cant find the condition unit has buff etc.
Healing Factor
recovers 6% of health per second. Requires testing to make sure it isn't to steep a regen and doesn't become over powered when in range of Storms healing Aura
Best there is...
7% chance to dodge, 10% chance to deal double damage. id like to get this to effect the DoT, but making DoTs have a reaction to crit chance is WAY out of my league.
Any recommended alternative moves are welcome. I wanted to include a blood lust on him because in every game he was featured in, it was my favorite move of his, I just didn't want him to only have one targeting ability.
X-23- in game Updates!
2/4 moves complete
healing factor
Same as Wolverines
Double Attack
35% chance on attack to attack a second time (it is in fact a second attack, not a crit) I got this spell from the forums and am awaiting authorization to have it in my map. If I don't get the permission, Ill either remove it or simply give credit. If I use it, credit obviously will be given. But I would like the spell creators blessing.
As far as other moves, I don't want her to be to much like Wolverine. She is his clone, but I intend to give her a maim and hopefully a nuke or some sort of AoE melee range ability (like she spins around in circles or something like Blade Storm, but Blade storms art seems to be fixed on Blademaster D:) Any suggestions are welcome!

At least 1 scripted/triggered ability for each hero! Update After reading various posts suggesting to lay off triggers if theres an already existing move that I can simply manipulate, this rule may no longer apply.

Those are the things that, in my mind, stand out right now. Not mentioning the obvious things like custom items, large map, etc.

I am going into this project knowing I'm not the best programmer, trigger-er, or story teller. I don't even know JASS! But I am passionate, and optimistic about this becoming a solid, RPG that does the X-Men justice in the WC3 setting. If your interested and want more details let me know! If this seems like a terrible idea, let me know! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Updated Details!
Leveling up -
I have played RPG's where on level up you only learn stat bonuses and use the upgrade tech trees at the expense of lumber for your moves. While I liked that system, i cannot seem to master the art of Techtree upgrade = hero moves. So rather than use that, You use your ability points on your abilities, and gain 3 lumber per level. Lumber can be spent on stat bonuses (your hero only gains 1 stat per thier primary attribute per level and no stats in any other stat otherwise) Each stat increase costs 2 lumber and increases your selected stat by 2, I intend to include movement speed, attack speed, damage, health, mana, and regen bonuses as well, but am still working on teh other aspects of the map.

Equipment will be available in the Mansion, but is a far cry from amazing. You have to quest and find rare/elite mobs to get the real good stuff as is the case in most RPG's)

Potions stack, and instead of a static amount of health/mana the return rate is based off 35% of your max health/mana, so you can stack up potions and never have to buy new ones! At least not until I include potions that recover 60% of your total health/mana :)

Hero Specific Quests
I may be jumping the gun here, but I have every intention of putting a hero specific challenge in the map for each hero that rewards a hero unique item.

Item Slots?
Forgot to mention this, but equipment is separated in a fashion that one type increases movement and attack rate, health regen mana regen things of that nature, while another increases stats, and another still Health/Mana totals. So you wont be able to buy the Attack speed increase item 6 times and hit really really fast! This is being implemented in an effort to prevent any items that MAY be to over powered or able to be abused from happening. You'll have to mix/match your items to get the sort of rewards you want.

I hope to have screen shots up soon and maybe even a playable demo. I wish all you other map makers out there the best of luck! And thanks in advance for reading all this!

Here are some screens from the Map...


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Sure, right after I have something other than a town :p Ive mostly been working the triggers spells/abilities. Im not using any custom models due to the fact that I dont have the means to change them at the moment. I definetly plan to update with pictures as soon as something is up that is worth sharing.
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