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|||||||||| -Terrain
|||||||||| -Triggers (Includes Skills)
|||||||||| -Heros (Includes Skills)
|||||||||| -Creeps
|||||||||| -Items

I am getting really close to launch a Demo, This demo will consist only of the beginning creatures 1-10 plus dungeon.:D For now, all I need to do is get more Items done, finish the heros, and a couple triggers:D

To start off, I am trying to create a massive rpg. What this meens it has over 250 different items. I want this map to be known for its diversity. So, Here is what I got so far.

The hero setup
Max level 30.
Suppose to be a more than average gaining exp. The reason behind this. Even max level, you will not succeed with out good items.
What happens when gaining a level, you are a novice of your class. And at level 10 you can branch off into 2.
Novice warrior

Novice Warlock

Novice Priest
Healer(Other names would help)
Buffer(Other names would help)

Novice Mage
I have no idea how this will branch off...

Ranger/hunter... I need another name.
Beast master

There are special skills for each. Its not just editting the abilities. I am tryiing to figure out how to use triggers for skills... Ex. The Shadowlock, will have a skill all about kills, The damage would be represented by. int +kills = damage . I thought this would be a killer and way to powerfull. Then I thought, You would have to get so much kills to do anything and all that time doing that, you should be powerfull. The other one, 2xint + 2xkills. but then it would erase all the kills... Also this is AoE... The name.. DeathBall.. .:D

Well the defensive warrior has these skills
Lvl 15Scaled Armor(I need a different name.. ) sounds like Armor..
(passive) Half of the DW strength is returned to the melee attacker..
Testing it though, it seems a bit strong... I am thinking to bring it to 1/4 or 1/6 of the DW strength...

level 20Controlled Aggression
For now I just put it over the Avatar skill. I am trying to make it double Strength and Agility. for an amount of time... Not completelly sure how to do this...

level 25Counter Strike
Every time you use this ability, it will add .1 to the multiplier.
You may think, this could be a crazy skill. But how I set up the enemies along with the heros, its semi balanced. Agaisnt another DW, there is barelly anystrength behind it.

and then lvl 30, which i have no idea what...The one thing I like this rpg, is because at least 1 skill in each hero has some type of unique multiplier...

other stuff
But this stuff probably is east to do. I am still learning the whole thing so bare with me.

The creeps will spawn intantly, No wait time. Other rpgs will have a certain respawn time. But it always seems like any other. So I twisted it up. The gameplay is much more intense. When you start to grind. you will die eventually unless you so much more powerfull... I tested it so far w/o items.. And lvbl 1-2 were still pretty difficult even though I could take them for a while, its just when they keep coming back, (well you guys probably would know what I am talking about)

Save/Load.. I have no idea how to do this, so I thought of an alternate. This was basically ment for just me and some friends. But I came to think, heck if it turns the way I want it to be, it would be really fun, and I would want other to try it. Which could be where you guys come in.. What this alternate is, You would have a "code" to do load your character.. Ex. Create_Aggressive warrior. Set_Exp # (if I knew how to do that, so temperarly) level 1, experiene 100, 1000, 10000,1000000.... Items would start off in a room, you would teli to it, and after 5 minutes all of it would be deleated... But I want to be able to type something and that item would spawn..

The point behind all the training is.. There is this Evil. In the center. And the only way to defeat this evil is by entering through the gate, and a mini hero defence would start. A constant swarm of creatures would spawn for a while... getting stonger, I just though 3 of each creature.... which in the end would get alot harder. And after that is done. 1 Huge boss. 3 minutes later another then another. Then its over.. I though that would be fun, because you could test to see how good you really are. It would also increase partying. which points out to a set of questions so far...

The beggining/Experience
Well, so far, I figured that, in the beginning there will a cinimatic or something that has a the 5 novices standing next to each other. There will be the cammanding officer/captain head guy, and he will start explaining that "This world is comming to an end. Our protective gates are slowly crumbling from the inclining strength of this evil. As some of you may not know, that long ago we captured this evil. But now it seems that they have grown in power as well as in numbers. It is up to you."\
something like that.

I thought over a long trip to idaho and back. Instead of having a set experience for creeps. It will use a simple formula that is based off the average levels of all the Player heros are on the map. that number * 25. will be a base experience. then, that variable would be used in the actually equation that distributes experience from how powerfull the creep is compared to you. which the end equation would be (Creep lvl / killing lvl) * base... I did see a problem in this. If you were to have all lvl 30s and a lvl 1, the lvl one gains 9 lvls... but then I thought to myself, I dont think that will happen... first off, it isnt so hard to gain lvls if you have people playing with you, which pushes people playing. though, you could solo as the beastmaster because when you capture a creep, it isnt just a unit, it is a hero that gains lvls and skills. which will increase exp. because it will be counted in the equation.

-What do you guys think so far?
-How would I make it so you could join a party, and if you werent in one, you could PvP...
-I need an idea for a skill for a lvl 30 defensive warrior..
-I need help, With the experience, I need a way to add up every hero level. Yet, I tryed finding a way, but failed.

Please say something about it, ideas, things that would be better, ANYTHING.!

Dark Forest
Path to town


I'm back!
Yes yes, terrain looks wonderful when you have it at that angle.

Now, show us some screens that we'll actually see ingame.
Wonderful? What are you looking at? That's a really basic terrain... there's no tile variation, almost no tree variation, normal water is used (I mean with those ugly cliffs), the trees are floating (their roots are not touching the ground... you have to lower their height ;)). Also, more doodads are needed.


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Wonderful? What are you looking at? That's a really basic terrain... there's no tile variation, almost no tree variation, normal water is used (I mean with those ugly cliffs), the trees are floating (their roots are not touching the ground... you have to lower their height ;)). Also, more doodads are needed.
I agree with ^Smith_S9^,
I'm not the worlds best terrainer(not good at all) but that dosen't look very good to me. Anyways good luck with this project and try to improve the terrain.:thup:


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Ya I am not a good terrainer, I am trying, Thanks for your input. And no thats not the angle you play in.. I will get some better screens later.. Please critique, It will only get me better. And thanks Smith_S9, I didn't really notice.. I will get that fixed..


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Well, I realize that you guys don't like it. So if you have something else besides what everyone else has said, dont say it. I already know.. What would help, Is advice..



Work on your terrains, make it better. :thup:

Btw, great job about the waterfall, I like it. ;P


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Thanks.. My plan is to work on them, but I think the priority to make it at least more playable would be first. Then I will get things better looking. I if a game plays well it doesnt matter what it looks like, though it is always better:D..

What helps me figure out how to do anything with terrains, is I need screens of others so I can see how they did it, and what techniques. Because If I figure the technique, I can adapt and produce something different... Well thats how I work with my terrains..


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1. Dark forest looks too dark
2. Path to town looks like path too holy crap
3. Waterfall looks like water is not fall...

fix it and i will play it


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1) that's the point! "DARK" forest. :nuts:
2) care to explain? oh, you can't? well keep it to yourself. :mad:
3) how doesn't it look like a waterfall? Oh! how amazing, it's even using a waterfall model! can't explain? well keep it to yourself.

Sounds pretty cool.

What do you mean for your 4th question with:
-I need help, With the experience, I need a way to add up every hero level. Yet, I tryed finding a way, but failed.
Could you explain more on that, please?

For a level 30 skill... how about:
Shield Lock - slams his shield down into the ground, imobolizing the warrior, but greatly increasing armor and giving him a percentage reduction off piercing attacks. Also gives an aura that increases the armor of nearby allies.


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Novice Warlock - > cultist?, well
Shadow -> sorcerer(xD
Dark - > warlock(yipeee~!

Novice Priest - > Priest
Healer - > Cardinal
Buffer - > Druid?

Novice Mage- > Apprentice\ just plain "mage" works too
-> elementalist
-> ESper?, MentalisT?, or Arcane Wizard

Archer ->(initial class)
Ranger/Marksman ->
Beast MAster?, prefer Beast Tamer. then again->.

Hope my Suggestion Helps
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