Yaroze Classics rocks!

Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by T2KFreeker, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. T2KFreeker

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    So, I finally goit to replace the DVD drive in my NUON and damn, I love the Yaroze classics disc, that is awesome! I am so glad to be able to play these games. Ballistic is cool too, but I will have to be in a mood to play that one. I am still waiting on Free Fall and Merlin Racing, so that should be cool! Love the VLM!
  2. The Helper

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    Yes it does. I broke out the NUON and finally played it. My NUON is on its last legs but it still works :) This was prompted by my aquisition of some bad ass new speakers.
  3. EugeneE

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    Once I hook up my N-501 again, I'll try out this game. Read the description over at Dragonshadow Industries & it sounds like a good game collection.

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