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    Haven't seen a thread about titles in general, so I'll start one. For the hell of it.

    What is the title of your main character? It could be your favorite, the first title you ever received, the one that was the most time-consuming for you, sounds ridiculously awesome with your character's name -- anything. Just any title. I'm sure everyone has at least one these days now that there's a whole load of them, and a decent handful that take minimal effort to get. If you play on an RP server, the title may have some significance of a sort, so a little background would be interesting to hear.

    To start off, my character's title is 'the Insane.'

    Started the grind two years ago over summer break, and ended up finishing on January 3 last year due to the Faire not showing up until then. First Human and Paladin to get the title/achievement on Exodar, and third Alliance player. If I hadn't race changed from a Blood Elf (which I ended up changing back anyways) then it would've been the first Blood Elf, Paladin and Horde player to get the title/achievement. It was pretty neat for the first month or two, but it wasn't the same anymore. Guess it looks better on other players instead of myself, satisfaction-wise. As mentioned before, I race changed him back to a Blood Elf and transferred to Illidan to get back to raiding. Aside from that, I noticed that I was a popular target in battlegrounds. On top of being a Retribution Paladin, it was no surprise to see myself getting ganked/focus fired by four or more players.

    Right now he's just collecting dust from November last year. Sucks. I might reactivate soon just to see how Cata treats him.

  2. Lyerae

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    No titles yet for me, unfortunately. I'm going to start farming for Ambassador when I hit 85 though.

    Still, here's my main (level 58 [currently, leveling quickly] Retribution Paladin).

    (I only really picked 'Human Paladin'. The rest was randomized.)

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  3. Crazy_Dead

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    As a night elf, i used of the nightfall, form the WotLK fire drake thingie ;p(lool)
    On my druid, I prefer nothing until I get my Brewmaster :)
  4. UndeadDragon

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    Nice Insane title :)

    I use "Astral Walker" on my priest, just cos' it's cool :p

    My shaman tends to not really use one, and my DK uses whatever the best RBG title he has at the time .
  5. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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  6. tommerbob

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    I'm looking forward to "the Flamebreaker" bahaha.
  7. Genkora

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    I got "chef" on my warrior, I even have the chef's hat from the dalaran cooking points.

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