Your Dream Game?


In the Shadows, Lurking.
An MMO where you could pretty much do a future War and bomb the crap out of the enemy. Only to be reset next week to destroy them once more.

...Or just Warcraft IV... the editor alone would do!


I am the Conduit of Change
A game with a complete sandbox mode. Do whatever you want with unlimited possibilities. From poking cows to building a one billion story skyscraper.


New Member
An MMOPRG witch plays in the middle age without any unreal thing (like magic)
and without noob quests (kill X monsters for example).
With hundreds of skills.
Only human race,ONLY 1 LIFE....
your hero cant die but other players (or animals) can hurt you seriously.
Players can lose their consciousness for mins (and winner can loot the loser's stuff in this time)
And when somebody is injured it causes he/she is slower and weaker for hours.

I dont like MMORPGs becuse if you die you lose nothing ,just revive.And if you kill some1 you win nothing just "points"...

it requires some fantasy to imagine my 'dream game' :p


Non ex transverso sed deorsum
Futuristic Call of Duty. With vehicles. And strippers.
Hmmm ... Duke Nukem Whenever? :D

It'd be great to see a true sequel to Master of Orion 1 and 2... but given the failure of the 3rd game of the series, there'll probably never be one. Nevertheless, FreeOrion looks promising.
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    Unbelievable. Time for yourself? How dare you!
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    Just noticed there's a delay of at least 2 minutes before each post. Guess I can't post Headline News quickly as I used to.
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    As far as I can tell, there are definitely things I need to get accustomed to first.
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    FCC is cracking down recently

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