Your Dream Game?


Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!

A Service that you pay 40 dollars a year for or so.
That is a mmorpg maker.

It may have its own. but with the idea it runs on there servers and most everything is per built, but customizable. A Crap load of models and sounds and ect.

So you could build your own, or play someone Else's, sorta like a mod.

Going one step farther...
And with out going too much more into it, a way that you could allow one char going from one mod to the other, where you could say there level from that one transfers or there items are allowed to be used in your mod or arnt. ect.


suga suga how'd you get so fly?
GTA: The World

Travel around the whole world and enter every building an accessible to everything possible in real life.

Good enough then.


Giving new meaning to co-op... slowly
There is a sonic rpg coming out for the DS, looks pretty cool but not so 'sonic'.... and jazz jackrabbit 3 was a cool suggestion... omg jj2 had 3D bonus levels... that rocked my world as a kid

I'd like to see another warcraft with more allowances when it comes to modification... it seems though that they are taking this into consideration with Starcraft II so it looks like I'll be getting the game I'm after, the question is just when. WHEN?!?!

...What's the deal with people wanting sandbox games where you can do everything? Isn't that what real life is for? :confused:


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top 5:

1- Warcraft 4 (with WE 2)
2- Call Of Duty 2142 (yeah you get it?)
3- Tetris Attack 2 (you remember the first on SNES)
4- Call Of Duty Knifing Paradise (i keep knifing in COD4)
5- GTA Montreal (lol)

To take the place of:

1- WoW
2- Call Of Duty 4
3- Tetris Attack
4- Animal Crossing
5- GTA San Andreas
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