Your WTF Moments

My wtf moment ?

I acompanied my friend in his search of a very rare book. IN the end we ended up in an abandoned house full with drugged/drunk people and some creepy old lady was in the garden(if anyone want's to know the entire story just tell me, I will post it here)

Second WTF moment: My ex was the most nice and inocent girl I have met in my entire life so far. She had 2 older sisters who were always trying to make her a lot more.... open to the world. At some point things between me and that girl started to get bad.
(On the phone BC= Bloodcount; GF= my girl friend)

BC: Hey, there darling, what's up ?
GF:Nothing, just chilling out at my friend's house
BC: I c. Have I met her ?
GF: well, actually it is a he
BC(with irony) WHAT!? You are cheeting on me while I am on vacation ? Couldn't you pick at least a more original time ?! So, what's his name (normal voice)
GF: Well, there are a coupple friends of this friend.. and....
BC: you are the only girl? xD
GF: well, yes...
BC: :O :O :O :O (at this point is should say that she was very smart, pretty and inocent She never ever made jokes about sex(too shy). This was wtf but wait)
BC: Enough for a gang-bang ? xD
GF: Yep, we might do it later!
BC: WTF!? !?!?!?!?!?

I've heard such things from a friend of mine all the time xD
He just gets together with the wrong kind of girls...

BTW, imagine: You go to a tacco bar and land in a strippers club. WTF?!
I had a few truly WTF moments in the last few months.
Earlier tonight, I was trying to open a tin of new potatoes (what with me being a student on my own now and all) and I could not open them. The tin opener just would not open them. It then occured to me that I'd never used a tin opener before in my life and I thought "WTF? I'm 18 and I can't even use a goddamned tin opener."
Ring-pull cans FTW :D
Blood, you relaly have to post the whole story. I was really hanging on the edge when we were convo on MSN :(
I acompanied my friend in his search of a very rare book. IN the end we ended up in an abandoned house full with drugged/drunk people and some creepy old lady was in the garden(if anyone want's to know the entire story just tell me, I will post it here)
You can't just leave us on tenterhooks like that!
So I was driving down the road the other day and my bike dropped a cylinder and started making hardcore noise. After getting it home and taking it to our mechanic via trailer, turns out the crank shaft bent, which means I have to buy a new motor for it. FML :thdown:
fi just have a new one. i think it shows my love for wc3.

While i had a fever i went to sleep. And i had a dream that i was in my home country (vietnam) and while there the CHARACTERS FROM WC3 and not only that! Some of the bosses from MGS4 were there. and they were screeching their hideous sound. While there i had the ability to fly with retractable wings that i had built. The beginning was a blur. but i started in a rice restaurant sitting oriental style. I was sitting next to a blood mage. And after eating he said. Watch out. Then the MGS4 boss (laughing octopus with the ability to camouflage into anything) crashed through the door. Laughing her head off she charged at me. The blood mage held her off by casting banish i ran out the door and at the corner were 2 demon hunters, one blue and one red. While the blood mage was holding off the octopus another MGS4 character. Screaming Raven came flying in and shot a grenade launcher (thats the gun she had in the game) at me.

I jumped away and one of the demon hunters metamorphed and shot those green balls at the raven. She was disabled momentarily and i ran away. While i was running away a dead person oozing blood slammed into the wall right infront of me. It was Psycho Mantis and she was charging at me. She couldnt control me (i dont know why) like she can in the game. So i ran away into a building. Going up stairs i set some traps on the floor which might have slowed her down. When i got to the top of the stairs into the long hallway i started to sprint across the hallway. i heard her call behind me and say "Come BACK here" i didnt look back and engaged my wings and boosted away with something.

Sounds fake huh? it isnt fake i really had that dream. and i got really into it. the alarm woke me up >.> i wasnt even going to school that day because i was still sick

Like i said. i really got into it, thats how i remember it so well.
Wow. Weird dream. But cool :O


I had a weird dream too.

I was like on a field trip or something. It was a real blur at first. I remember knowing everything CLEARLY when I dreamed it, but when I woke up, it was a blur. Anyways, I was like on a field trip or something, then while sitting out on some steps, I walked down the hall. And to my right was a collapsed tunnel. To my left was... a skull sitting on something resembling a bird's nest and the skull (some how I knew this) was a proximity mine and if I got too close it'd explode. Well, I did, but there was a delay, I got down to the end of the tunnel and looked back. A classmate, Beau, was sitting there, and for some reason, I knew the bomb was going to go off, so I screamed "BEAU! GET OVER HERE! RUN!!!!" He just sorta looked at me and was like "???" and shrugged and stayed there. Then the bomb went off. Except it was like... a mini firecracker that sucks ballsack and didn't really do anything. I came back feeling like an idiot. Then when I sat back down, a few more people came over. Kory, Zach, and David. Well, Kory asked the time, and Zach said, the watches with voice activation work best while pointed down and the regular watches work best while pointed up (when I woke up, I was like "Wait, wtf does that mean???"). Then, someone started saying "COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE! COME HERE!" When I woke up, I realized it was to the EXACT rythme of my alarm clock blaring o_O'

Here's a pic of the tunnel place.



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not really. the hallway doesnt have arms or ears or legs :O .. anyway...................

I found out that im still "sick" because i have a bad "cough" and instead of just giving me a headache due to the fact that it was a real cough these are dry ones that hurt your throat
I don't remember my dreams more than maybe 2 or 3 times a year, literally. I pretty much lay down, and then a second later, wake up. I prefer it that way. :p
All my dreams consist of me getting laid, people keep asking me why I get up around 1pm in the afternoon, they will never understand... *zzzzzz
All my dreams consist of me getting laid, people keep asking me why I get up around 1pm in the afternoon, they will never understand... *zzzzzz

That's because the rest of the world actually gets laid, so they can stop dreaming.
I don't work and I don't sleep in till 1pm. :p

I can sleep when I'm dead. :thup:
I don't work and I don't sleep in till 1pm. :p

I can sleep when I'm dead. :thup:

Or you can't sleep because you don't work:p

I will share one of mine as well.
I was out walking with some dude, we had just about got out of the populated area of the village where I live when we started to hear cracking noises from the woods. And then we started hearing small schreeking noises from one side of the road and load grunts from the other.
We don't mind them and continue walking when suddenly we start hearing something galloping in the woods, and out comes the biggest boar I have ever seen. She got to have been at least 1m high. She just stood there right in the middle of the street looking at us for like 10seconds before we started running with the boar on our tails, we ran for at least 50m before she stopped chasing us.

There actually where two wtf's in this story for me:) The first one is the story itself, the second one was seeing my fat companion running that fast:D
Man, I have never seen him run and he almost outran me:p
This happened just today.

I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden, for absolutely no reason I thought:


2 seconds later: "Wait, what?"
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