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You can change this now in User CP.
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When you zoom out, to say 50 or 100, you don't hear the sounds of attacks, abilities, etc. Whats the way around this? Thanks.


Ya Rly >.
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This isn't WC3. 50 is HUGE.
Try 8-10 if you want to zoom out far, 2-7 for mid, .8-1 to close.


You can change this now in User CP.
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I need it to zoom far enough to see a battlefield view.. And actually, 8-10 is smaller than your default zoom. So is 15. You need around 50 to even start zooming out.


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It's the distance the 3D sounds reach. You can change it somewhere (global) to reach further. I got no editor right now, so I can't look it up, sry ^^.

edit, asked a friend for you (he has the german editor, so the names might not be right):

data editor => game-ui-data
standart => (not sure how to translate it, try to find something close to the meaning of the words) listening-distancedamping
there should be some value for the distance, and another one (the following) for the damping factor
=> sound damping ( 0.5 )
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