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Hey Dirac, miss you and the old times here :) hope you're fine those years!
How's it going?
Hey! Nothing much, just lurking around here from time to time. How about you? Man, like a few weeks before you commented here I wrote in my travel todo list to ping you if I ever get to visit your country, haha. If you want, PM me an e-mail address or some way to contact you :)
2011 signature was wishful thinking:
I am me.

Advanced gui triggering merged with jass custom script calls.

Work status too:
I quit school. I am a full time war3 mapper now :D
Just purchased a NUON N501. I actually have what I think is an ISO for IS3, but cannot seem to burn correctly. "This disc cannot be played, please check the disc".
I'm working on solution for notpron level 79 dm me pls
Hey daxtreme, you're still going online :) drop by in the chat one day
hey man my map wont stop crashing and i dont know why, would you mind giving it a look?
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