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    Report Study shows that listening to music everyday improves mental health

    My one-size-fits-most for all categories above would be to youtube "two steps from hell 1 hour" (or longer) That said, that study can't have all that deep a value, given how some stuff that some people consider calming, has me up the walls, or the other way around :P Or, dunno, what happens if...
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    Sci/Tech Scientists develop slippery toilet coating to stop poo sticking

    Great. And for the remaining couple %, I'll just wait for that self-cleaning toilet - or the generalized household-robot (you know the type. The type that steals all our jobs, including this one) > ... I was very happy to see... Indeed. And quite literally. There's just no 20 ways this was...
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    Politics U.S. Senate unanimously passes Hong Kong rights bill backing protesters

    Oh, yeah, "see how woke I am? I'm pointing fingers at you"(*) But, yes, obviously, this is so going to help... ah, help... it's helping someone, right? Right? I mean, this must help help someone somewhere, as otherwise this would just be casting stones, which, historically, does never go very...
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    Where can I find the available functions for the world editor (reforged)?

    So, call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(gg_trg_YourTriggerHere, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DAMAGED) then? As for an API browser... this perhaps? Other than that, back in my days... we used an MPQviewer to extract the latest Blizzard.j...
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    Is it possible to pass a variable name to function?

    Well, 40+ IFs may not look fancy or so, but is not a problem per se - will work just fine, except perhaps when some more changes are required later on That said, I would go with 4) Store the data in a hashtable
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    Is it possible to pass a variable name to function?

    Depends on how fancy you want this to look I guess :P Something like takes integer WhatArray, and some testing: if WhatArray == 1 then... do something with fireball_damage if WhatArray == 2 then... starfall
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    Is it possible to pass a variable name to function?

    This does not work. You can only pass values, not references. Though, if your information is sufficiently structured, a global array, or several if needed, should work just fine - just pass the starting index.
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    Sci/Tech Elon Musk: SpaceX could land on the moon in 2 years. NASA: We'll partner with them, if pulled off.

    > over 4% Imagine if it had gone up to 10+% 50 years ago and had improved since then or at least stayed there... perhaps we would still not be watching C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, but we would be damn much closer than currently. Because currently is getting us strictly...
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    How can I find Frozen Throne Editor?

    There is only one editor that does it all And as soon as you use a feature that came with the expansion, like some terrain or some unit, it will save under the expansion format
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    Well, some more looking: > (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to (Random player from (All allies of Player 10 (Light Blue))) Replace with: ((Triggering unit) belongs to an ally of Player 10 (Light Blue)) Equal to True Same for the other conditions and teams
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    "It doesn't work" is not a very good problem description... What are we looking at here? When does the problem show? How does it show? Can I make it happen, or do I need to wait for... some magical moment? What is sort of obvious from a look at the triggers: - HasTowersUp and friends need to...
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    Well, that of course changes everything... you should have started there. This just needs a bit of fine-tuning then. As in, you need to keep track of what tower is currently the "first" in each line, and adjust as needed. Then use the splitting system from above as long as there are towers in...
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    This is the rant post, a helpful reply will follow below: Oh, really? THEN WHY THE DAMN CRAP WAS THAT INFO NOT IN POST #1??? Do you really think that anyone would just randomly guess what the problem is? Are people really that out of sync with reality? We are not mindreaders here... Basically...
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    Replaced Unit won't Attack-Move

    Well, splitting 6 minions into 3 and 3 is not "random 1 of ..." :P For a perfect split, something like this might do: On Map Init, prepare a point array with the positions of those towers: Set Towers[1] = Position of pre-placed-tower-1 Set Towers[2] = Position of pre-placed-tower-2 And some...
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    Unit Highlighted in HUD

    The icon coming from "Stats - Hero - Hide interface icon: false" on the unit in the Object Editor, and given that normal units to not have that field, I'd say you are out of luck there. As for the spacebar..., well, if you keep space pressed, it will not repeat the event. Hence the "it does...