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    As far as I'm aware, SC2 map files use the extension SC2Map while mod/dependency files have the extension SC2Mod. I think the s2ma extension is something special that is only used by the cache. Can you use the SC2 Editor to download the mod file then save it in your Mod folder? You can open file...
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    Jump Charge Ability

    If you have HotS, I suggest you have a look at the Leap ability (in the campaign data) for the Zergling. It sounds like it is exactly what you are after. Basically it uses an augment ability (which runs a specified effect when the attack ability is used), and a create unit/launch missile effect...
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    [Solved] Need help with Salvaging buildings

    On your salvage ability there should be an "Effect" property. Make sure this is set to a damage effect that will kill your unit. There are a few existing ones you can use such as "Salvage - Salvage Death" or you could just make your own. If your making your own, make sure the Kill flag is...
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    Website for Custom Models

    Well you can export the models from the SC2 Editor by using the browse function (Open up the console window, type "browse" and hit enter). You can also use a MPQ editor to do this. You will also need to extract to textures associated with the model (you can use the Model Data window in the...
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    Website for Custom Models

    Now I'm confused. Are you wanting to take extract models out of SC2 and use them in something else/modify them?
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    Website for Custom Models
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    unit in unit group dies

    If the event that runs the trigger is a "Unit Dies" event, then yes it will work.
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    condition that checks 'integer'

    You need to use the "Mod" function. Mod (short for Modulo) returns the remainder when you divide two numbers. In your case, you want to check if your wave number is a multiple of 10 (i.e the remainder is 0) so you need to use "[Wave Number] Mod 10 = 0" as your condition
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    Attack Move Trigger

    I would try to use a Computer AI to control the attacking units. It is rather simple to do and doesn't require a periodic trigger. Just run the "Start Campaign AI for Player" action and then run the "Global Suicide" action. Units that are told to suicide will seek out the nearest enemy units and...
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    Do I need unprotected map to translate?

    It is not something that I have tried doing, but as far as I am aware, you need to be able to open the map in the SC2 Editor so it would need to be unprotected.
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    Missile Model Not Showing properly [SOLVED!]

    All the Events that is shown in the image you attached are related to an Action type actor, not a Missile type actor so something is not quite right. If you open up another Missile type actor and compare the events you should be able to notice that the events are completely different. If you...
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    Missile Model Not Showing properly [SOLVED!]

    It sounds like you have chosen the wrong Actor Type for your missile actor then. It should be set to Missile.
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    Missile Model Not Showing properly [SOLVED!]

    It looks like you haven't set the Token Fields for your Action Actor. There are three Token fields: Attack Effect, Impact Effect and Launch Effect. When creating a projectile weapon/ability, you only need to set the Impact Effect and the Launch Effect. You need to set the Impact Effect field to...
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    Ash Worm Base Actor Events (Please help)

    It took me a while to figure this out. What you probably didn't realise is that Ash Worm Base actor does actually get removed, it is just that the Ash Worm Base Death actor gets created in its place (which is the same model and hence why it looks like nothing actually happens). To fix this, go...