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    Detect singleplayer

    Why dont you just make events that detect these cheats being entered, and end the game instantly, there are only a few cheats
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    Hashtable help/questions

    Hashtables are extremely similar to variables with a few key differences and similarities: Similarly: Loading handles can replace the use of a variable of the same type Setting null is the equivelant to removing a saved handle, however, the saved handle is not scope restricted, so it should be...
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    is there such a thing as item groups- do they leak?

    You should almost never use BJ's as a lot of them leak and all of them are inneficient Each is a wrapper for other functions and none of them does anything so complex that it's worth all that
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    Custom AI question

    just think of it like this: its just a different way of saying the same thing, except it is more efficient and cuts out all the crap... ie: if then else do multiple actions if (Conditions) SomeBoolean is equal to True then (Do actions) Do Something else (Do else actions) Do...
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    Custom AI question

    triggering AI is fun, do you know any vJass?
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    NSFW Funny Picture Thread

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    how to create a score indicator?

    well you will have to record the score in variables, but other than that it should be pretty easy, there should be a normal leaderboard you can use, havent done it before, just used dialogue items instead, but it should create a collapsable box in the top right corner, id do some research on...
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    Move to Region Trigger

    well, you could do this all in one trigger but it would be a little more complex... you would have to create a region array and a point array for each rally point where the region is where the unit enters and the point is where the unit heads to then you could have one event for each region on...
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    add unit to unit group (trigger-action)

    no a unit can be in as many unit groups as you want, but it can only be in each group once, btw, save yourself hours and learn to use variables, iv seen the coding for some of your maps and you could cut it down to 1 thousandth of the size...
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    Move to Region Trigger

    learn variables, its as simple as that, iv seen about 30 of your posts where you do things some way that takes literally 100x as long because you refuse to learn them, you waste more time creating triggers like this than you ever could learning variables EDIT: and if you dont learn them you...
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    add unit to unit group (trigger-action)

    you will have to use variables, create one variable called hydralisk with the array marker checked that holds regions, it should be 1 dimension with an index of 9, then at map initialization, set "hydralisk 1" to hydralisk[0], "hydralisk 2" to hydralisk[1], then do something like this: Spawn...
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    Is there a downside to many events?

    yes I understand how a thread in an os actually works, and i know that, i do believe they are simulating a thread system, but thats what i was meaning, that with "their thread system" thats how they create triggers that run properly with multiple instances, even event systems in C++, Java...
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    priority (hard question)

    attack priority is the target order for auto-attacks, higher priority, the more likely to be attacked, you CANT change this in game unless you trigger it, and thats a very complex system if it handles auto attacks in game the only possibility is an upgrade that modifies units, but that still...
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    does the 'wait' trigger action has any influence?

    i know, but you are going to run into this issue again sometime when that solution wont work, better to learn sooner than later...
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    Goliath Double Weapons

    because thats how blizzard wanted it...