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    Convert Unit-Type to String problem

    Hey guys... ive got a problem i cant solve myself. for my item restriction system i need to save unit types in a hashtable. the problem is that you cant save unit types directly so i used 'convert unit-type to string' and save the string. now after several hours of triggering, testing &...
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    Event Quick Question

    you mean learning level 2/3/4/etc of an ability? then yes you have to use "Event - Unit Learns a skill"
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    More than 1M gold--income help

    why not just checking before adding the income whether its over 1,000,000 and if it is covert it before adding it?
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    Help with a zinc coded spell

    hey guys... im trying to implement this spell in my map and i changed the damage line to the following one: I2R(GetHeroStatBJ(bj_HEROSTAT_AGI, GetTriggerUnit(), true)) the problem is that the spell performs really nice but doesnt do any my question is whether i have to change the...
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    im making an orpg map based on the idea of Twilights Eve. and the thing is that i wanna blalce it at least a bit BEFORE i release a version xD otherwise it would be rejected from the beginning and for that it was too much work ^^
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    Hey guys... i need your help... i need tipps and tricks or maybe programms helping to balance units/heroes. It doesnt have to be perfect but it has to be average balanced. hope you can help me :D thanks in advance greetz happy
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    Where in the trigger shall the custom scrip be?

    yes its the same ^^
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    Unit abilities without triggers

    click the spell button...
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    custom human inventory cover

    nevermind got it ^^
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    How to get to Whimsy Shire

    afaik you need them all by yourself...
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    How far are you?

    Hey guys... i just wanna know how far you guys are... i'm at the skeleton king at difficulty nightmare at the moment and i have to say nightmare is a real nightmare. :D its so much harder than normal that i really have many problems to kill normal units^^ so how far are you? greetz...
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    Team thn

    i get it on release day ^^ and it will be a wonderful CE :D
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    Arena Hell vs. Heaven : Elements of War

    at the moment testing the systems with a friend and my brother. afterwards the public tests begin. :D
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    arena system dont work like it should...

    i already said what the problem is...but i posted all triggers because i dont know where the problem lies in the triggers. You understand?