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    Disconnected players?

    Firstly, I'm sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this but I can't seem to find a proper section since it is mostly related to DotA. I am trying to figure out a few ways how a specific player got disconnected from a game. The player's accusation is that the host had kicked him. However...
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    Practice makes perfect

    Practice makes perfect
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    Sup man! :D

    Sup man! :D
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    Spell Falcon Punch

    Fun spell but the charging is quite slow... :/
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    System Combat State

    Somehow I think that this will also put a unit in combat when it's targeted by a healing spell, right? When in fact it doesn't really enter combat... :P
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    Your opinion !

    > i wanna see you making his ultimate without triggering ^^ I'm not referring to his ultimate, I'm talking about his spells as a whole - people nowadays would be more impressed of something triggered rather than a visually remade ladder spell.
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    hmm just noticed you've written me, gonna msg you in skype tonight :P

    hmm just noticed you've written me, gonna msg you in skype tonight :P
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    System Projectile

    I've also had problems with "Optimize script" so if the above doesn't work, try removing this one as well.
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    3d projectiles?

    Makes perfect sense now that I think of it, thanks for the tip :)
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    3d projectiles?

    ^ Wouldn't that affect the dummy units (projectiles) as well? I'm not sure I quite understand but from the calculations it seems that (looking at the right image): d should be less than r so that the projectile can collide, right?
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    3d projectiles?

    Yes, terrain height would definitely be included but it was a quick example. And I have no idea (my math level being low also included :P). how Pythagoras theorem would have anything to do with spherical shapes... > Which systems are you referring? All submitted? > One thing no system has...
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    3d projectiles?

    It has been bugging me for a while but why don't most projectile systems offer 3d collision detection as well? The way I imagine it is like a simple check with GetUnitFlyHeight() (of course combined with a normal XY group enum), something like: if (RAbsBJ(GetUnitFlyHeight(collidedTarget) -...
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    Spell BlinkBJ

    It still doesn't dodge incoming non-triggered projectiles... The only efficient way I can think of right now is giving it invisibility for a very short period but the flaw with it is that True Sight counters it. Another thing you might have not noticed - Blink's special effect is created on...
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    Your opinion !

    Warrior: Meditation IN combat? Eh, it's better if you reworked that. The others seem basic but are fine. Firemage: Needs triggered spells with good eye-candy tl;dr for the others but they are good as well
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    Spell BlinkBJ

    ^ Ooook... This is going in the wrong direction. Avoid using TSA - timers are your friend. There are many cons with TSA so it's just pointless to use it. Also, what's the problem with just function Actions() { SetUnitPosition(...); DestroyEffect(...); } You've made just a BLINK...