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    Custom Unit's - Marine with Shield

    For your 1st question, I don't really know, maybe put the upgrade cost to 0 with a training time of 0.1sec and during Map initialization automatically research the upgrade with triggers. Here is my test map with the things I mentioned. Make sure you read the comment. For your 2nd question...
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    Adding "Squares" requirement to Structure Construction HELP

    Hey, so I just started to make a new structure. I want it to look like a marauder but the thing is, I want it to have a 2x2 dimension with the green squares just like when placing a building. I don't know if it's in the Unit, Actor or Model data but I can't find where to set it. I also...
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    Archon potrait editing help

    i edited the archon's color to red in actor > events (set tint color) i dont think i can do that with the 3d portrait model, since theres no real actor for it (i believe)
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    Archon potrait editing help

    Hey, i am trying to find a way to change the color of the archon's portrait to red because it is a red archon (i edited its model) but when i click on it, its potrait is blue (just like the original archon). is there a way to edit the color of a portrait? thanks in advance!
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    Hero Unlocking new Spell every Level Up

    Oh thanks, that onetwosc tutorial really helped me :D
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    Hero Unlocking new Spell every Level Up

    hello, i am trying to make my heroes just like the ones in WC3 where they gain a new spell or a higher spell level every level up. So i know it deals with submenus, upgrades and requirements, but im not good with these things (especially upgrades and requirements) i need your help please!
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    Multi-Shot ability help

    Hey, I'd like to know how to make an ability just like current hunters in WoW that will let the unit shoot everyone near it's target. The ability will have a 50 energy cost and a 1sec CD. It will deal 20 damage to each target. The thing is, I have no idea how to make this ability. Can anyone...
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    Player Teams Setup HELP

    Hello, In my map, my teams are made with triggers (make P1, P2 & P3 treat eachother as ally) but when I start the game, P1 sees P2 and P3 as allies, but their color is red. So is there another way to setup teams? Because I want to see everyone's color and not only red. Thanks!
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    Set Rally Point by Right clicking problem

    Oh thanks! I made them uncontrollable and now it works!! Hehe thanks for answering all of my noob questions! :D Of course I'm pretty sure that I'll have a couple more later on! ;) Thanks again!
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    "Your forces are under attack" removal help

    Hello, In my map, a lot of units are fighting at different regions and the terran robot keeps saying "Your forces are under attack" while pinging on the minimap. I'm asking you guys, is there a way to remove this? Because I'm tired of hearing it. Please help! Thanks!!
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    Set Rally Point by Right clicking problem

    No it doesn't work. :( I've no idea what to do now.
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    Set Rally Point by Right clicking problem

    OK so now the marine will follow my hero after being trained, but when I select him and right click somewhere, he stops moving at all and he just rotates on himself.
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    Set Rally Point by Right clicking problem

    What type of behavior and where do I add the "activate blub" part in it?
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    Publishing and players problems

    Solved: In Player Properties, player Neutral's control was set to computer, but it had to be neutral, then set the AI to computer. So that way, when entering the game, the Neutral "player" would be a computer, and not a user. That's why I was player Neutral when I published my map and tried...