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    Yeah! It's been almost a year since I last posted here!

    Yeah! It's been almost a year since I last posted here!
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    General Why One Of Pornhub's Biggest Stars Is A Math Teacher

    Good idea. I should do this too.
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    World Japanese man arrested after dating 35 women at the same time in bid to 'get birthday presents'

    He'll just need another 330 more to complete the set.
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    Detect singleplayer

    I don't think this is doable.
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    Values not being saved

    I see... I kinda forgot the word "Integer" is there by default. Anyways, > ISpellCounter[Counter] Did you define this value? If the value is zero for all the array, then this value will return zero for every Counter array. Meaning to say that your hashtable will always load ZERO + Key of...
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    Values not being saved

    > For each (Integer Counter) from 1 to 7, do (Actions) Perhaps because you're using the wrong counter? In the actions, you used "Counter" instead of "Integer Counter".
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    Dummy not casting spells properly

    Instead of creating dummy unit for "Neutral Hostile", change it to Owner of (Triggering unit).
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    Hero Icons on right, and how to set max level for heroes

    > Just like my title says guys, is it possible to put hero icons on the right of the screen during in-game through triggers? Nope. > And how can I set my heroes maximum level to 20? In the main editor, select Advanced > Gameplay Constants > Hero Maximum Level.
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    Gaming Nintendo Switch (codenamed NX) revealed

    Let's hope it has a friendly price...
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    For Loop integer skipping

    Just change the integer A to a custom integer loop. Waits are actually ok if you deal with them the correct way.
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    Why my blink isn't working?

    Please explain what the ability is supposed to do. Are the dummies spawned? Manually add the dummies into the map and order them cast FoK and see if they cast or not. And, change all the 'Casting unit' to 'Triggering unit'.
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    Avengers: Age of Ultron

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    Creating Integer from Chat String

    Are you suggesting post#2 as a better alternative to the request of the original post? Perhaps you could kindly provide your correct version instead of saying mine doesn't work, without even wanna try it. By the way, thank you for your criticism, I will take it as something 'constructive'. I...
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    Creating Integer from Chat String

    > Now that won't work Have you tried? The trigger isn't perfect. But it does fit the description that was given. Consider it as a starting point for a more elaborate trigger.