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  • Wow, over 6 years on the site. Thanks for Helping my friend!
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    Glad to be around. I can't believe it as well myself. It's a nice virtual place to be in. But many have gone... Any plans so far to revive the community?
    Indeed. How ya been?
    You use Skype by any chance?
    Damn, it's just 6 bloody years in fact. Lol.
    Sorry to hear that. If you want to talk about anything, I'm open ha (and on Skype :3)
    Graduating this year, off to college in a few months. Life could be better, but it could be worse.
    Nah. All is good. Was just a random chat. Good luck to you!
    Phew, thank god that's over. I got my submission in like the last 5 minutes, :3

    Thanks again. I'll try to make some better works in the future, ha.
    It looks awesome. Haha.
    A lil more finishing would be better. But I guess you're kinda done with it.

    If you can find time, try using darker shadow for the table with spot light shone to it.

    Overall: 7/10 :)
    Ah, I didn't see this post till now.
    I think I got most of those points, ha. Though I didn't execute them well. Like the blue tint, I added a really, really small amount of blue brush strokes, but now that I look you can't even see them really lol.
    I don't know what's wrong with the blurs, haha, they're like retarded. Oh well.
    'Tis horrendous, especially the background, but I dont have enough time, so this is it...

    I have titled it, "Even Heroes Need A Break Sometimes", or something like that. Now I just need to write a critique for it and make it sound all artsy and stuff, ha.
    Thanks for all the help. I learned a lot, and I feel more comfortable with my tablet now at least. In the future, I shall return to this panda...
    Errr. It's kinda hard to explain where the blue tint should go. It's just at side of the face. Look at the green tint in this picture, it's something like this: http://www.deviantart.com/download/78445519/Joker_by_el_grimlock.jpg

    I guess you'd need to angle it more towards the page. I can't really describe to you. Lol. But it's fine as it is

    The shadow should focus at the bottom (obviously). This should be very dark. And the top should be very bright. http://us.cdn1.123rf.com/168nwm/rangizzz/rangizzz1101/rangizzz110100020/8766755-football-soccer-ball.jpg

    Feel like I'm just telling you what you've already know. Haha. I'm kinda busy to edit for you. (Sides, my tablet isn't around.)
    No, no, the comments are great, :3 With my computer being wiped and all, this is like my time using photoshop and such again in a long time, so I have like no experience digitally at all, lol.

    Where should the blue tint go?

    And what do you mean with the table part? I think I have an idea as to what you mean with the angle, but I'm not sure.

    Also, I'm thinking of putting a light that shines down, like a "hallelujahhh" beam kind of light, on the food table there above the table and just slightly to the left. How would the shadows be?

    Again, thank you for all the help. Shame that I have to sleep now, would love to work more on this, ha.
    Hah. The eyes look better now. I feel the shading is a lil too rushed or not so smooth. You should play around with the opacity and use a softer brush. More gradient effect. (This is for the face)

    As for the shirt, use darker brown at extreme shirt foldings. A little bit darker will do.

    And decrease the brightness of the bamboo stick. And a lil blue tint.

    The table isn't well angled. It should be more 'compressed' to suit the panda's angle.

    But again, some of my comments are just based off my imagination. If you feel they are not so applicable then you can try your way. :)
    I started painting it but then it got late (is getting late) so I just rushed again... and the shadows are temp which is why they are like... that...
    Any suggestions for the painting so far? I need to make his clothes/staff darker I think, since you can't really see the shading now. And the head's darker.

    This is what I planned: http://i56.tinypic.com/644ffs.jpg. And I think I'll do some kind of bamboo forest background.
    But that's just all in my head, lol.Tomorrow's my last day to finish and I'll barely be home so I'll probably end up making it just the panda one table, with some simple background.

    Well, this sucks. But I think I greatly improved my tablet skills, so hopefully I can come back in a few months with more practice and see the improvement.
    I shall update tomorrow again. And yeah, thanks for all your comments, the advice helps, :)
    Yeah... I was a bit retarded on the face.
    I would like to work more on this but since I'm out of time, I will have to make do with it. I'll probably repaint it with more detail this time, fix the face like you said, and then make a nice, simple background.
    I shall update when I do.
    Ugh... I am getting so frustrated with this, it's just getting worse and worse and I've spent so much time on it, leaving no time for my other work, ha.
    I tried turning him to the left, but then I realized that with the way I drew the rest of the body, if I turned it I'd have to change a lot of other things, too... And the face... I usually just do a simple one, so I have no idea how to make it not look retarded :|
    Idk know what i'm saying, I should just scrap this whole thing and start over. But I dont want to waste this, so maybe Ill just paint it to get some more experience.
    If I did paint, do you think I should paint under the lines or over so that there's no outline at the end?

    EDIT: Painted one for fun, not that I'l be using this, since the shading was just smushed on, but what do you think of his colors? http://i53.tinypic.com/w0opkh.jpg
    That would be awesome if you could fix it up, :D

    Yeah, those messy lines are lookin... messy, ha but I just needed an overall shape and idea of what I'm going for, I'm not sure what details will be on or w/e. But I will go over in like an inked line tomorrow when I have time. Then I will try to paint it. This probably won't turn out the best I'd like, but hopefully I can just get something done by Wednesday when applications are due. If worst comes, I'll just draw it on paper.

    Thank you for the advice.

    EDIT: Also, forgot, what do you think of the face/position? Should it maybe be facing the left, so that like you just see his left side of the face and only slightly of the right? Not sure where it should go (while maintaining maximum adorableness haha, that is key to panda) with the perspective.
    Hey, was wondering if you could give some advice on this:
    Well, I mean there's not much there to cnc but thats just a sketch I just made up (i decided to scrap my previous drawing). And I aplogize for the crudeness... this is basically the first time I've used my tablet and I can't seem to get it precise like a pencil on paper. So I'm not sure where to go from here... but how is the anatomy and drawing so far?

    If I end up sucking doing this digitally, I just might make this piece freehand or something, lol.

    EDIT: And now that I look at it... it looks bad :|. Awkward pose, and the hat position seems off.
    I end up doing my work instead of sleeping, though I'd love to sleep, lol.

    Well, I'll be taking a Visual Communications course next semester, and I'm joining my school's National Art Honor Society. The applications are due next week and you have to submit one of your artworks, but I don't have anything presentable so I need to make something good by next Wednesday, :3

    I started a poster-thingy... so far I have a sad panda that I made, but I'm not sure what the background/rest of it should be.
    I could quote you exactly, ha...
    I've been pretty busy and tired too this year, lots of completely different things going on at the same time.

    I have been looking (stalking) at your artwork here at TH, it's helping me get back in the swing of art, since this year I'll be doing more art-related courses/activities and stuff.
    Omg... i think OoL wasn't activated to Target Enemy... it already works, even when attacking ground point... Thanks :) i'm Deeply gratefull
    Hi! I would love to receve your help... Believe me, i'm crying... I've been in front of the PC since 7pm (its 6am) and i can't find the way to do the Passive Bash Cooldown... The worst part is that i've already done it before, yesterday, but didn't saved and now I have no idea of how...

    I Combined OoL with StormBolt... but nothing happened :(
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