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  • Sweet man. Strats are great! I'm an acoustic guitar player as well. Got a Fender Telecaster and a Yamaha Air (or something like that, it's an acoustic-electric that I use for church band stuffs). Ebay and Craigslist usually have some good gear for cheap. Just make sure to request more info before you buy :) .I look forward to jamming with you soon!
    That'd be cool! I go to school in Santa Barbara, so let me know if you're ever in the area (LA is about 2 hours away) and we can do stuff. Spending money is pretty normal right before school. What type of guitar do you play? Acoustic? Electric? Model? I do use Skype indeed. My name is Mahucharn (surprise!). Feel free to add me and we can chat sometime.
    That's a really good school, congrats man! I worked at a day camp all summer and made quite a bit of money... which I spent on MOAR GUITAR THINGS! Gonna be playing in a worship band at school next year ( for the lazy). Been enjoying my summer so far. I have two weeks left from today. Just got back from a road trip to LA, so that was cool. What have you been up to this summer?
    I haven't been here in a while... college life, yo. To respond to your November message, I have heard of Chapman. It's a great school! Where ya going anyway?
    We're getting concerned here! Were you kicked out of your house and castrated because of what was happening with your internship? If so, how does it feel?
    Your 5th year Anniversary of is coming up in December my friend! Thanks for Hanging with us!
    No problem. Glad I could help. But don't think I helped much.
    All in all, nice work. :)

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    Good luck, man. Kinda unable to provide you a visual edit of your image. So I hope my explanation will help a bit.
    Hey. The painted version is good enough.
    You just need to fix a little on the eyes. They look... not too cute. A lil bigger would be good. Stretch it vertically.
    The face position isn't to accurately placed. The nose/mouth should go slightly to the left a lil.
    The panda shirt is also a lil off. Probably sliding the whole shirt position to the left a lil would be better.

    Generally, it's kinda hard to tell from this preliminary picture. You probably should complete the clean outline first.
    It looks fine but a lil dirty, as you said. A lil touch up might make it better.
    In drawing, sometimes its best if you don't give up too quickly. Although you feel it's bad, but as you touch up, it will become nice and good to the eyes.

    Use strong lines instead of sketchy ones. This is cartoon figure, so sketchy/breaking lines will not be suitable.

    If you are not used to using a tablet, don't use it. Use pencil and paper, and scan.
    Tablet is good when you're dealing with colours and touch up. Not so much for sketching.

    Show me more of your updates. :)

    Edit: If I find time, I can try to fix your drawing a bit. I'm a bit busy lately though.
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