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  • I just finished reading A Game of Thrones and now I'm not sure to move onto A Clash of Kings or move back to hit up Cold Days. CD is actually pretty expensive on the Nook, it's 14.99!!! A Game of Thrones was only like 7-8 bucks.
    So many twists and unanswered questions.
    Please! I'm a very sad panda right now :( I understand that you want to remake the bridge but just send me what you got so I can start implementing it. This has several implications. Exuvo will be motivated again and start working on it and it might stop dying on NA serves and it'll motivate me as well.
    I would probably have to kill myself if I was the one driving, thank god I'm not. My boss drives and she keeps the car rides non boring.

    Now I'm in the same spot as you, I couldn't imagine coding my own OS, I wouldn't even know where to begin with coding. What language are you using to code? Would you have any suggestions on a language to start learning how to code? I've been interested in learning for a long time.
    I'm a manager at a McDonald's in my home town. I work for a corporation that owns 51 McDonald's and we, last week, just bought seven of those stores. I've been shipped out to those stores, that are hours away from my town, to work very long days.
    What are you programming/studying in college?
    Hey, thanks for the compliment. I'm glad I could inspire someone. You have no idea how much of an impact your compliment has on me right now. I haven't visited in a long time for anything other than the news articles on the front page. :p So logging in an seeing I have a message from someone with a compliment on it, even after my lengthly hiatus just fills me with the greatest sense of accomplisment. Thanks alot.

    And I just checked out your Saber signature, the one you're using as a display pic on this page. LOVE IT. I think you may have restarted my obssesion with Saber.
    Hey, I've been really busy playing skyrim lately and I noticed you've done the same.

    I just wanted to give you some notes on the progress we've done.

    We had a LAN where we tried out the alpha version of Cruiser command and found lots of bugs. All of them are fixed now and I'm working on the damage system which will basically handle what happens to the inside of the ship when you take damage(when the shield is down).

    I hope your computer is back to normal now and that your midterms went okay. I don't remember if you told me if you could recover some of the terrain. If you couldn't: It's okay, tell me and we'll work something out. If you could: Could you please upload it somewhere for me to download? I am having a hard time getting a hold of you now that you're rarely on skype.

    Finally, always prioritize school over the terrain. I would love to see some awesome terrain but I don't want it to mess up your grades. Also, Skyrim is an awesome game, I totally understand you.
    Oh dear, you poor child, :(
    And it's not even your map, haha.

    But if you get the internet fixed, it's a good testing site for bombs/potential infections/potential working downloads, :3
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