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  • Coming up on the 8 year club my friend. Long time! Thanks for Helping!
    It has been quiet a long time here on this site. One of my favorite sites and definitely one of the few site's I keep coming back to.
    Oh wow, yeah that definitely makes things MUCH easier lol.
    Honestly? Start with the WC3 map editor to get some basics down of how If,then,else statements work, how loops work, how you can manipulate numbers... That's where I started out and I learned the most from doing that. The GUI interface really gets you going. Make a TD or something, it'll definitely get you the idea of programming.
    JASS huh? Hmm.... I shall look into that. Its been a long time since I've even opened the Wc3 editor.
    Hmmm, not JASS, the GUI triggering part. Teaches a lot. If you have the basic concepts down and want to do some real coding... Try Python. Use the Wing IDE.
    Oh hey, I know how to do those. I loved the gui trigger editor. I will try Python.... I might return to the editor first, for old times sake.

    Made me all nostalgic, meanie.
    Coding my own OS. Word of advice, just buy Windows or OS X or whatever. Don't ever make your own. It's not worth the trouble.
    Though it doesn't sound as much trouble as driving for hours on end to various restaurants lol.
    You better be practically swimming in money because of all the work you do lol, I know I wouldn't be able to stand driving for that long.
    Blegh. Working/Programming/Procrastinating. I haven't done anything interesting for a while.
    University is annoying as hell, especially during the summer.
    Complaints aside, what work do you do?
    Haha I'm glad to have helped! I hope this means your hiatus is now over :p

    And thanks! I wish I could've completed it, but there was little I could do to make it look better xD
    I guess I'll be the first one to say 'Welcome back!'
    Haven't seen you in ever, :|
    Wanted to thank you for all of the inspiration you gave me for getting into photoshop graphical signatures! It's becoming a real good stress reliever especially in these times.
    How have you been?
    You spelt 'Linkin Park' wrong in your sig. :p

    P.S: Interesting profile theme.
    The poll won't be up this weekend. I was far too busy.
    Heck, I didn't even write anything for the prose. :(

    Soon. I promise. =)
    Sorry about the delay with the T-Shirt poll. I've got far too little time on my hands to make it at the moment.
    It should be up for the weekend anyhow. :)
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