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May 9, 2014
Apr 15, 2008
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One Last Breath., from Philippines

Atreyu was last seen:
May 9, 2014
    1. Crusher
    2. jonadrian619
      Oh, I don't read manga in the net. Sure it can be fun but I rarely read manga online since I do have only 1 hour of net time. I'm in Mom's territory :P Maybe college can offer me sum more time..
    3. jonadrian619
      I have only few manga at home. Btw where do you buy all of your mangas (powerbooks, fully booked, national bookstore)? booksale's the only place where I can buy cheap second hand mangas.

      Well I can finish one manga volume in just 2-3 days, all it takes is the time I have left after school and dinner's over.
    4. jonadrian619
      I like Tears to Tiara, it's my type of anime you see.

      Ako nga rin minsan lng makakapanood. Ganado ako sa manga serye at alam mo n, PiRatAng CD ng anime!! Di ko pa nagagalaw ung cd ko ng One piece at death note (kumpleto un).
    5. jonadrian619
      What animes are worth watching? Atm I'm thinking of Gurren Lagann or K-On!

      I'm not a huge fan of Naruto or Bleach though. I know of a hundred animes already, but I only watched 40+ and finished 10 series. I only became an Anime fan a year ago so I can't possibly finish a hundred in a year, can I?
    6. thewrongvine
      Don't have it, I borrowed it for a while from a friend (got achievements, haha).
    7. Crusher
      Mini Wars just got it's own group! Join it now!
    8. Crusher
      Visit me in Croatia DotA Room 1 or 2. Also add me on Garena: Crusher[CLF] is my nick. See ya'.
    9. Crusher
      Where do you play? Maybe we can play somethimes together?!
    10. Crusher

      A razor is a good hero in newer versions of DotA. I have mastered him in no time.

      First you should get is a clarity potion, tango and two circlets.

      After that (mid game), you should decide between two builds:

      1'st: Ultimate pwnage Crusher Build.
      2'nd: Decent Razor Build.

      Ultimate pwnage Crusher Build:

      First items: clarity, 3 circlets of nobility, tango.
      Mid game items: Sange and yashe, 3x wraith band, Lothar.
      Late game items: Sange and yashe, 3x wraith band, Lothar, Refresher (2 ulties)

      Decent Build:

      First items: 2x clarity potions, 2x tangos, 2x slippers of A.
      Mid game items: Power Treads, 2x wraith bands, heart (you already have damage with the second ability).

      Late Game Items:

      Radiance, Mjolinir, Power Treads, Heart, 2x Wraith Band.
    11. Crusher
      Oh, I just saw you wanted a decent guide for Tauren and Razor.


      First items you should get are Quelling Blade, 1x Tango, 1x Clarity Potion.

      Mid-game items:
      Power Treads, perhaps a Vanguard, Battlefury, Bottle.

      Late Game items:

      Hearth, Power Treads, 2x Batllefury's, Cuirass, Bottle and you can buy lifesteal > satanic or manta > yashe.
    12. Crusher
      Yeah, no time no see. By the way, I have a good project now, which I'm working contstantly on it. Hope to see you playin' it!

      Off Topic:
      Interesting and cool looking layout!
    13. thewrongvine
      I think Day After Tomorrow was only okay, :D
    14. thewrongvine
      D=, I know, PS3 is getting everything, that's so retarded. Like for Arkham Asylum, only PS3 gets the Joker playable exclusively, along with a batcave where you can change suits, and other things! XBox 360 and PC get nothing!
    15. Syndrome
    16. DM Cross
      DM Cross
      One could state I never truly left. Or COULD they?!

      I love your username... Good band.
    17. thewrongvine
      :D So long it's not Joker! But your other one was cool, too.
    18. GetTriggerUnit-
      Thx for +rep, you page is nice and Atreyu is a nice music group XD
      Two becomes one == Fav song!
    19. Pineapple
      Wait... what?

      Anyway, decent layout, but the text is all wrong x.x You need white text for this type of background.
    20. thewrongvine
      That's my line! :P Pourqoui Si Grave?
      Dark Knight was awesome... o.O
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