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  • Only 1 more year and you are in the 8 year club my 5 year trophy friend. It has been a long time :) Glad to see you still around!
    Romek... I know you are long gone (Maybe not?)
    But I remember talking to you about A-level maths before I started my sixth form, you were giving advice to me about it.
    You talked about how easy it was... You were a genius :D

    I got my A* in maths, I'm sure you would be happy for me :D
    You are still missed Romek!
    Come back one day!! :)
    God I am typing this for the third time :mad:

    What is grammatically correct:
    Fred and Joe(names) are born in Afghanistan or Fred and Joe were born in afghanistan?
    hey, we haven't chatted in a long while (we should) but that is not what I am actually typing this for. How the fuck can anyone who makes an omnislash spell take any top 10 place at any tournament ? This spell is a whore. People should get -20 points for even thinking of coding it : D
    I might not be here until Tuesday. Hopefully I can sort everything out. Have a nice weekend :)
    Nope, I'm actually doing a college course (Advanced IT Diploma). Although, there was 1 module of that which I should be getting the results from.

    I take it that you are expecting some? :)
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