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  • Post your site story please on the Site History thread. It would be great to hear a recent 5 year anniversary Mods story. BTW congrats on 5 years on the site! Missed it by a couple of days but the forum software does not remind about that kind of stuff. Maybe it should...
    Exams tomorrow so was studying all day but will respond to your PM tomorrow. :S?
    Well I tried laddering again, but it took me more than 5 games to remember how to play so my placement matches were a disaster >.< bronze league! When sc2 first came out I was placed gold... at least my 2v2's went a little better, I got placed platinum. I really like playing SC2 but I find it a bit too fast-paced and demanding, I can't relax while I play it, so I've stopped again. I prefer games where I can chill out. You should add me, my username's FLASH and my character code is 618 (I think). I have no idea what server I'm on, it allocated a server to me. Good luck with your exams!
    Sorry to hear you failed some exams x( must've been some really tough ones! Life's going well, I'm moving into 2nd year and university/college and so far so good, and I'm already back on holiday (so much time what to do???)! I'm also finally starting to make a little money on the side :) but most of all, I can't wait for Heart of the Swarm because I've played the Wings of Liberty campaign about 4 or 5 times now and I want to see what happens next in the story.

    Really good to hear from you, I thought visitor messages were'nt working because I've seen a couple this month and only you have replied :D
    Nah nothing special going on here, I am living life and browsing internet!
    DUDE you're still alive :D what's been going on? Also, more importantly, your profile hasn't seen any more pics of hot chicks since I last made a comment about it :thup: 3 years is a LONG time bud :p
    Oh woaah.. you sure took of like a rocket here since last time I saw you, moderating the SC2 boards and stuff!
    I posted the information in the thread, i dont know it by heart sorry.
    But i cant play currently because i am at work. Normally i am not surfing at work but today i took some time for it.
    Fred and Joe were born in Afghanistan.
    Fred and Joe are brothers born in Afghanistan.

    I can do anything really Friday after school onwards. (Except for Saturday because I have volunteering)
    Yeah, it could have definately gone better, but I just don't think the graphics zone is as busy as it once was.

    I've been fairly busy with some freelance web design work. Had plenty of clients recently :)

    How have you been?
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