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  • You won't find this Lurker even with Detection. I'll pop up, fire off a post, then disappear as quickly as I appeared.
    I will have a redo on 31st. I must not fail then :D I can't wait for hots too. I am saving up money for collector's edition ! Have you been laddering or playing 1v1 ?
    Sadly exams are taking most of my time, esp. since I failed a few :D Other than that, life is pretty awesome, next year will be epic, as long as I do not fail on any more exams haha :d

    About the new pictures, I am searching for a reason to upload some ! How have you been ? I have not heard from you in a very long while, what is new mate : )
    I don't know if I have ever mentioned my age or not, but I turned 18 on the 10th of this October.

    I am mentioning this because this is my last schoolyear: I have a few VERY hard german exams + a math, bulgarian and english exams. They are arranged from hardest to easiest. I have little time to do anything other than study. It is really hard finding the balance between school life-nerd life- sotial life.

    For all I know there is no right, nor wrong choice, as long as you pass the exams and aren't "forever alone" after this year LOL

    So, tell me a bit more about the maps : P
    Actually I have an idea- just do it. Each time you get demotivated that there is too much, do a bit of work. You will do it eventually :p
    I wish I knew mate, I wish I knew. You are always welcome to stop buy in the SCII forum for a discussion or anything, maps are included too : )
    Yes indeed, how have you been ? How is SCII ?

    I managed to get in masters league with toss and dia with zerg : ))
    sounds nightmarish..................................................... u are better now right ?
    haha yeah, i get bored of it every now and then. And things come up that distract me from smaller maps, like exams etc. For some reason I can never finish a map, either a co-maker gives up on the idea or it just fails to be good enough haha. Ai the people on Twilight aren't the hugest fans of games other than TTW, LegionTD and DotA ey. lol, but i'l keep working on it after exams, or try to atleast :p
    haha ok thanx, i'm in grd11 so i still got anoth year :/ lol.

    oh i ddnt know that haha, awsum. You know them personally or just via TH?
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