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  • hey dude wazup man, I got to see you online more than a month. Log on skype somewhen. And tell me if you continue your wc3 project
    ya i know its pretty awesome, even the terrain editor is better, only downside is that you have to log into a account for it to work so u cant use a friends game offline... i started a thread about the differences, they are huge... CLICK ME!!!
    hey dude, i just got SC2, you gotta try this editor...
    the data editor (object editor) is epic, allows you to change basically anything and nothing is hardcoded now, and the trigger editor is epic too, multiboards that are interactive and and triggers that can change data in the editor in game
    Hey bro i need a multiboard for my hero defense map please help me,thats all i need xD.'ll give ya rep ;)
    The best tutorial, or more likely, the one that worked best for me was Romek's Uncomplicating the Complicated vJass 1
    you should learn vJass instead of coding in GUI, it's a lot faster ingame and takes a lot less time coding. Clicking is frustrating
    I have bits and pieces, I'm making it from 2 different houses so its like I have a puzzle with parts of each corner done but none are connecting yet :(
    hey i was wondering how your map was coming along and if you needed any help/test runners
    Hey its better if i show you the map and we decide together what to do on it and how to improve it.Do you have garena ?
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