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  • Guess you're bored as well of this so called person, GFreak 45. If I recall correctly you've already asked some moderators for help. Do you know wo'd be the best to ask for some help? He and his shit is getting annoying.
    "Some people mess up from time to time"

    The best thing is when they blame you for their fault (not according to your link; in general)
    funny, you argued the point of the value of the threshhold the entire time, when he was wondering how to do a threshold, you didnt help him at all, but you seem to think you did
    as i told you im done with you and your shitty attitude, i understood what you were saying but it had nothing to do with the question from the original post but you felt the need to argue it and digress all damn day... seriously dude you need to take a vallium or something... and im not the only one who thinks so, stop starting fights with people on threads, i havent seen a single thread where you dont
    The damage over time library add-on would suffice for coding damage types like poison, fire, or cold type damages. The features would probably be something along the lines of adjusting the damage done per second and how long the damage would occur in seconds. Sure it may be easy to code; but I think it's pretty uniform when your talking about using an damage system to sort the damage and it'd take priority of after everything else is done damage wise. That is the other reason for coding an damage over time library to make sure it has the right priority really.
    I'm using it in a race I've been working on in a melee setting. I was curious what you had in mind for micro.

    Also, is it the percentage of life from the enemy unit being targeted or the unit that generated the corpse?
    The Staff is currently looking into your Rep matter again. If you have anything to report you can send it by PM to me, or you can report any posts you may have a problem with.
    uh sure

    I think my quicker sort was just cnp of some c++ code tho ;o. I tested it one time and it appeared to work, sooo... yea, I didn't even read the algorithm used ;D.
    lol aff locks are less faceroll then demonized ones, and even then less than fury wars... thats like saying rogues in BC/Vanilla were more faceroll than ret pallies, regardless of how much dps they did
    nice... its a very cool effect if you can do it to a certain ammount of dimmensions...

    would you want more fractal equations if i found some ones that would go well with effects?
    lol i would but i code in sc2 now, i just finished my first system and its pretty cool...
    i learned patience playing wow, you run into the lowest of the lows playing it lol

    as far as my avatar, everyone either hates it or loves it, no1 is in between lol
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