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May 20, 2015
Aug 27, 2006
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Jun 1, 1989 (Age: 31)

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o-o, 31

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May 20, 2015
    1. saitovyse
    2. GFreak45
      Hey this is regarding that post refering to x == 0 issues
      couldnt you do a boolean check on it? cuz isnt 0 = false and 1 = true?
      so: [ljass]if not x then[/ljass]
    3. Dirac
      yo nes how about a WIP on your map
    4. Dirac
      Have you fixed the QSort already?
      Another Q
      I read somewhere that QuickSort is good for sorting lists for the first time, but after that MergeSort outspeeds it. Is this true?
    5. Dirac
      Nes your QSortI is broken, please fix it. I was trying to add a compare method and continued to fail, then tested it without my modding and it turned out to be failing big time >.>
    6. KaerfNomekop
      Make up some more? :)
    7. KaerfNomekop
      Where did you get your awesome name? It inspires me.
    8. Dirac
      How about a timer that starts at initialization and never stops, when a timer it's created check the main timer's elapsed time and when does the new timer expire considering the main timer (like a time stamp), then sort them through a binary heap?
    9. Dirac
      Finally found the bug, It seems that units in my TD are DEINDEXED the second they enter the map, why? because they're instantly ordered to move to a location and they don't have the index ability yet, causing them to be deindexed. Another bug i found is because WorldBounds is bugged, looks like if the unit touches the border of the map it's deidexed and it shouldn't. Please fix thse weird bugs
    10. Dirac
      i JUST copied them from the webpage. Also checked the code and nothing seemed to be wrong with it. However there seems to be an issue regarding the "e" unit array in the unit indexer because some of my tests indicate that targetId returns an integer, but when i try to get an unit from that value it returns null.
    11. Dirac
      With [ljass]GetUnitById([/ljass] i hope you mean [ljass]GetUnitById(DamageEvent.targetId)[/ljass] which is basically what the operator returns. And yes, in my triggers DamageEvent.source returns an unit, but is null.

      I'll PM you my code

      In the version of unit indexer GetUnitId was commented, just downloaded it again from the webpage. Still using GetUnitUserData should be better

      EDIT: the weird thing is that targetId does return an integer, but GetUnitById(targetId) returns null
    12. Dirac
      So i decided to delete AIDS, Damage and Event (J4L libraries) from my map and replace them with yours.
      You should probaly fix the API in your Damage library from EVENT to ANY (in the post you submitted not the trigger)
      You should also mention that you commented the GetUnitId function from you UnitIndexer because users are meant to call GetUnitUserData directly

      EDIT: your damage library seems to not be returning the unit when the trigger fires. Why?
    13. Dirac
      what's an alternative to use offsets, and please don't say hashtables
    14. Dirac
      Ok got it working now, i think that the LUA_FILE_HEADER from the quickstart tutorial is outdated.

      On a side note, i can't use your libraries now because you stole other library's names. For instance, you have your own "event" library different from J4L's, but if i replace his with yours then i can't use J4L's Damage system.
    15. Dirac
      Hm so i tried to install LUA into my map but returns an error with the ObjectMerger external block, plus, my luajass.myMap.j text file is EMPTY, why?
      This is the log from the grimex.txt file

      setobjecttype abilities
      generateid Adef
      objectexists A!!!
      createobject A!!!
      makechange 0 anam
      makechange 0 ansf
      makechange 0 aart
      makechange 0 arac
      C:\DOCUME~1\UserName\LOCALS~1\Temp\V2CD9.tmp.lua:46: attempt to index global 'file' (a nil value)
    16. Dirac
      1 loop and 2 nested loops, that's just insane, i can't do it.
      The only thing i've done so far is put the compared values at the end of the linked list. Beyond that i don't know what else to do
    17. Dirac
      What's the merge threshold? Because Timer2 already does that
    18. Dirac
      Great! the system surpasses all expectations then, it's ready for submission. Btw i'm completly lost on those algorithms you linked me, i can barely decipher the programming language they're using.
    19. Nestharus
      Ok... at the very top of the heap, the root, the very first node you access... that's the biggest/smallest value >.>.

      It's O(1) access. It's like always being assured that the first node in a linked list is going to be the smallest or biggest values.
    20. Dirac
      i've been reading the lecture about heaps, it's very interesting, but there's one algorithm that i just don't get: the Heap-Max-Extract algorithm, it's not explained graphically anywhere
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