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  • Oh and i forgot to mention, my vector field snippet was working fine thanks to that post you made before, the only problem i'm having is that the formula im using to calculate how much it turns around the radius was wrong, it moved a little slower that it should, but my snippet made circles and spheres perfectly
    You sir. Are extremely thoughtful. Reading your posts blows my mind XD if I ever decide to make a game were anything is possible, you will be the person I will be listening to for ideas.
    (I mean like a game. not a wc3 map)
    Hi I am Thailand Mapmaker my englich lanq is bad
    i want to know about Cjass vs zinc Vjass
    what is perfect
    because i use cjass in mymap 90%
    but unknow frn tell me that Zinc in vjass perfect than cjass
    please tell me
    LOL very nice explanation in that thread
    explained what delegate/stub/interface is wayy better than the manual (at least to me lol)
    LOL. I was joking. I don't make maps. Although could be useful if all the Pokemon maps out there were made by vJass coders rather tahn GUI o_O
    Well, my map is basically a Impossible Boss map, except everything triggered completely. So basically, every thing is a 'motion object'. Movement, projectiles. Eg.

    Nothing too complex needed, and hopefully it has an easy to use interface :p
    But then again, I guess coding it myself would work as I'd know everything.

    But I've delayed the map.
    slk? Nonsense. I found a different use. It's working and stuff. Just some minor changes and I get really nice stuff.
    My latest experiment was to read stuff from an external file, process it into valid Jass, and import the Jass. Works perfectly, and I came up with a possible use.
    For your information I didn't look at the code at all in that thread. I was there to prevent Joker from confusing anyone. :p
    I said that because he can`t submit what he`s working on as a resource, if he ever wanted to release it as open source again.
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