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  • I know not guaranteed but its the best we got atm, my teammate works from 9am est (8am your time) and cant get on till bout 9pm EST (8 central) so we cant do it at 1pm central. not guaranteed is the best atm it seems, that is if whitesock can even make it to that time. im srry :(
    "Whitesock, can we play our matches with Team Plan B sometime around 1-3PM Central Time?" Nooooo sevi we talked about this we cant do it that early my teammate works @ that time, i thought we said 11pm central during that 1 hour time window sometime this week when you can, is that not possible anymore? its not me that cant make mornings its me partner. I'll try very hard to make sure nothing goes wrong and honestly if anything does go wrong i'll take responsibility.
    Third time's the charm right? (Already done Moonlight icons twice) Nah, but I could give it a try if
    all information regarding them is there at the start, I've done to much stuff where the requesters
    keep changing their minds all the time. Give me the info, I'll give you your icons!
    [ljass] if ( !HaveSavedInteger(TriggerEvents, id, 9001) ) then[/ljass]
    someone hasn't JASSed in awhile :)
    We are gonna be team baby penguins btw :p We should prolly practice sometime, though I wont have time till sunday night.
    Oh well glad we cleared that up. Btw thanks again for that LastDamagedUnit system it worked well as an inspiration
    You don't have to ask kindly, you can just ask. I was closing them because the answer was already given and most of all because i can lol. Though it was good to prevent necro-threads
    I don't know how to change where the results go (to the top instead of the bottom), so I just added a message at the top saying to check the bottom - I don't know if it is possible to do it via the google spreadsheet, I guess you could make a web page that gets its information from the google spreadsheet and re-ordered it based on date or something, but that would take some work - I am on vacation now, so I will have to look at it more when I get back (2 months)
    i think there has been a confusion, i was using your way previously, then i changed it to Ayanami's and now it's back to what you suggested
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